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Best of England in 14 Days

We are considering this tour for July or August of 2015. The itinerary and pacing look wonderful. I would love to hear comments from anyone who has taken the tour recently. I'm especially interested in hearing about the hotels and group meals as well as anything that stood out - either positive or negative. Also, what is the average time for morning departures? This will be our first RS tour. We're in our 60s with good health and lots of energy.

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Thank you, Mary. I've looked at many of the scrapbooks and they are wonderful. You might be surprised to know there are no available scrapbooks for the tour we're interested in - Best of England.

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It is my scrapbook that is posted, so I hope that has helped answer some of your questions! We have now taken 6 RS tours, and England still stands out as my favorite tour. To answer your specific questions:

On my Hints and Tips page I listed all the hotels we stayed at on the tour. All of them were very nice, centrally located.

Group meals were all excellent, one of our favorites was the Indian meal in York. There was also fish and chips in Keswick. At almost all the restaurants there were vegetarian options and one member of our group was gluten free and was accommodated everywhere. It is my understanding that each tour guide is in charge of picking the restaurants for their tour, so while some do use the same places, not every tour eats at the same location.

Morning departures were never really early, in my opinion. If I remember correctly usually around 8:30 or 9. At any rate they always give you plenty of time (an hour usually) from the beginning time of breakfast being served to when you depart.

My mom traveled with me, she is in her 70's and there weren't any really strenuous days of walking on this tour. There are optional walks you can take, but even those weren't particularly strenuous.

If I can answer any more questions, let me know! There is a link on the scrapbook to send me an email too.

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Thanks so much! You answered my questions/concerns perfectly and I am ready to book the tour! I loved all of your scrapbooks. How very special to have 3 generations traveling together and what wonderful experiences for all of you but especially for your daughter. I will take you up on your offer to ask questions in the future as I get further along in my planning. Thanks again and happy travels!
PS: I'm from PA too!

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@Erin - I loved your scrapbook! That tour is on my list as well. Thanks for sharing.