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Best of Eastern France in 14 Days Tour, and Cezanne

I'm signed up for the Sept. 30th start date of this tour, and considering add a day or more at the end because I have a particular interest in Cézanne.

I'm interested in hearing from people who have taken this tour to see if anybody has done a Cézanne focused tour after the RS tour, or if they felt the RS tour included enough info to suit them. I've found one possibility to consider:

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Liz, I haven't taken BOEF or an art-focused tour and don't have your special interest in Cezanne, but I do like art, and last year I enjoyed the small art museums that seem to exist in practically every town of note in southern France. You could add a lot more than one day and put the time to productive, art-related use. I have just one caution: Peak season in that area is July-August (though it is often uncomfortably hot then). By October a lot of museums will probably be open only five days a week (or possibly just four). Be sure of what you're going to get in terms of museum visits.

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You can learn about Cézanne and his studio, etc on the tour you’ve highlighted. You could see the same sights on your own but I like the value that a good guide brings. Even though Aix played a major part in his life you won’t see great works by him there.

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My husband and I took this tour last year. I noticed one Cezanne exhibit in Aix. I didn't go there to check it out. There are almost no museums on this tour. I think if you were a big art fan you might want to arrive in Paris a few days early and find some of his work at one of the museums there.

It is a delightful tour and I loved that it was on a slower pace. We started off with 3 days in London and then visited D-Day sites before taking the RS Best of Paris in 7 days. We were tired before we even started the Eastern France tour. We especially loved Colmar and Chamonix. If you have any additional questions, I'd be glad to help you.

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Thanks for the replys, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this tour, Janet.

I understand that there won't be many Cézanne paintings to view in this part of France, and that's okay--I've been to Paris and other museums a number of times.

If there is anybody who has done a separate day tour of Cézanne sites, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

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I'm bringing this to the top again in case others see this and have info.

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Liz, we did this tour late September, 2017. It is our favorite out of our 6 RS tours. Chris Coleman was just a superb tour leader in every way. Special treats each day, many hosted happy hours and intuitive, individualized attention to all tour members. The variety and diversity of the locations is a highlight for sure. Janet is right that this tour is not about museums. Probably why it is our favorite. 😏. The one museum we did on our own in Reims was the Museum of Surrender. Very meaningful as my dad and uncles fought in that war.

I know less than nothing about Cézanne. Our tour hotel in Aix was the
If your tour is at that same hotel I would highly recommend staying there for your extra nights post-tour. It was very modern with lots of closet storage and a large modern bathroom. The location is perfect on a major street with lots of restaurants and shops close by.