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Best of Eastern Europe Question

My husband and I are going on the Eastern Europe tour this fall. We are interested in going to Memento Park in Budapest, and were wondering if by chance you stop by there on the tour, perhaps on your way out of Budapest? Thank you.

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Call the office directly and ask them. They will be able to answer your question.

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I can tell you that last year (2016) the tour did not stop there at all. However, that was the 16 day Eastern Europe tour and I know that changes have been made to that tour this year to rework it into a 14 day tour, so the itinerary could be different. I agree that calling the office is probably your best bet at this point since most people will not have taken the new 14 day version of this tour.

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Hi there! This is Alexis from the Rick Steves' Tour Department. Thank you for your post! Your tour group will not be making a stop at Memento Park. However, you might consider making a visit on Day 8, when you'll have a free afternoon and evening. Memento Park is just outside of town, and takes approximately 20 minutes to reach by public bus, or 15 minutes by taxi. Your guide will be able to provide some additional insight once you arrive to the tour, as well. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 425-608-4217! We're glad you can join us in Eastern Europe!

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We enjoyed the Prague and Budapest tour last fall and did use some free time to visit Memento Park. The bigger than life statues are something to see, and we were quite proud of ourselves for having navigated the public transportation system on our own without problems. We had to first use the subway and then transfer to a bus. With directions from our tour guide it was easy peasy.

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I also enjoyed seeing Memento Park, although it was not part of our tour. A group who wanted to see it (4 in all) shared a taxi both ways. It was pretty cheap and well worth it to not wait around for a bus. Have fun.

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I took this tour in 2013 and it was not part of the group itinerary. I did take an afternoon to go out there on my own. I took a tram, then a bus to the site. Pretty easy to do by public transportation with a little advanced research.

There is also a once-a-day non-stop bus from Deak Square in the center of Budapest direct to Memento Park. It departs at 11:00 a.m., which conflicted with a group walking tour that morning.

I definitely enjoyed the visit. Be sure to watch the "Life of an Agent" film while there.