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Best of Bulgaria tour May26

Hello all, anyone on this tour or have taken the tour recently? Really looking forward to it!

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It was one of my all time favorite tours - what a fascinating country. It motivated me to visit the other Balkan countries which are amazing as well. You will enjoy this tour, the history, and the people.

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Hi, Cheryl!

I took this tour in 2022. It was an absolutely fascinating experience. Our guide, Stefan, was wonderful. Insightful and knowledgeable. Always there to help when needed. People throughout the trip were warm and welcoming.

You will thoroughly enjoy your trip. Bulgaria is fascinating. Less touristy - at least back in 2022 - than most other places I have visited in Europe. And much less expensive. In some ways, it felt like we stepped back a generation. That is not a criticism. We got what I think was a real taste of Bulgaria as they still tackle their post-communist life. Just expect the most common question from family and friends back home to be - why Bulgaria? All I can say in response is, Why not? Something new and off the beaten track.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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Thanks for the positive comments! My tour guide is Stefan also! I went on Rick’s Adriatic tour last year and just loved that part of the Balkans, so I know what you mean by wanting to see more of that part of the world!
I’m already getting the friend comments, but I think that they will be disappointed that they didn’t go!
Happy travels

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Hi Cheryl

Was on this tour in Sept/Oct of last year, also with Stefan as our guide. Fascinating country, great group and Stefan is passionate about teaching as much about Bulgaria past and present as he can. I am sure you will enjoy, happy travels!