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Best of Berlin, Prague and Vienna- Jun 10 - Jun 21, 2018 Booked


My husband and I booked our first RS tour. We have been using his travel guides for many European trips but this is the first time joining a tour. I didn’t want to do too much planning this year and want to relax as much as possible. Would love to hear of anyone who booked this tour. We plan to travel to Budapest for a 2 days visit before flying back home. Apparently the train from Vienna to Budapest may not be an option during those days due to construction or repairs. I’m researching travel options from Vienna to Budapest, hopefully we are able to confirm something soon.
Looking forward to this entire trip!

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I went on this tour in June of 2015, can't believe it's been almost 3 years ago. It was a fantastic trip, Berlin was a revelation, Prague, magical and Vienna, artistic and musical! I learned so much about Germany and Hitler's role in WWII. Prague's history with Communism and their dramatic break in 1989. Vienna's history of the Habsburg Empire and art and music. I arrived a day early in Berlin, wish it had been 3 days. Then I stayed 2 days post tour in Vienna. I could have taken a quick train ride to Salzburg but decided to stay in Vienna and relax and indulge in cafes and revisiting my favorite art museums and churches. This tour will not disappoint.

Our guide recommended Bratislava as a quick day trip. Perhaps, you might train there and then on to Budapest.

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It’s been a while but loved this tour. We got to Berlin 3 days early and wished it was more. At that time they gave you a museum pass when you checked in to the hotel. Museum Island was great. Went to Potsdam—interesting visit there thanks to a handicraft fair and to a German police presence for a planned demonstration and counter-demonstration. They don’t mess around. Also went to the German history museum and barely made it to WWI. Still plan on going back to Berlin.

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This is a great tour! I have been to Budapest, but not as a part of this tour. I did take a fun day trip to Bratislava from Vienna.

I found Berlin to be a treasure trove of things to do. I went a week early to see as much as possible. Berlin has a lot of "dark" history. Be sure to balance your time with upbeat, fun things to do/see.

Don't waste a lot of time during the tour trying to decide what to do. Make a "hit list" before you leave. Time will go faster than you think.

Have a GREAT trip!

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We took this tour last year and it was wonderful! We had Jana H. as our guide - can't say enough great things about her. Feel free to message me with any questions and I'll share anything I can. Enjoy :)

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Hi I. human,
I am booked for this tour too. It will be my 5th Rick Steves tour - all were wonderful, so I'm looking forward to this one too. See you in June!
Can't help with Budapest. I was there - took the train from Vienna, but that was back in 1999! Have you been to Salzburg? It is a beautiful town - if you can't get to Budapest easily - go to Salzburg.

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I’m glad to know of someone else doing the same tour in June. I look forward to a great time. We always over pack so I’m starting to think on what to bring on this trip. It looks like the train will be an option from Vienna to Budapest so we are all set.

Thank you for all the good suggestions!