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Best of Adriatic Tour

I am very interested in this tour but it seems there is a lot of time on the bus. Could someone who has recently taken the tour comment about this?

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If you re-read the schedule you'll find most bus days include a long stop along the way. We did not feel the bus time was excessive. You're covering a lot of territory, much of which you'd likely not see on your own in this amount of time.

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I did this tour a couple of years ago. I didn't find the bus time objectionable.

As a general rule for RS tours the long bus trips are not straight say 6 hours on the bus. There will be two or more stops along the way. One might be an extended stop of an hour or more to tour a site. Another stop may be an hour for lunch. Other stops may just be a quick coffee and restroom stop. On my Adriatic tour our guide picked up some local liqueur and cake and we had a quick snack stop and photo op at a Soca valley overlook.

Also bus time is a great time to relax, recharge, read, sleep, catch up on journal entries. The guide will often take time to discuss art, history, current events, language lessons. The time goes by rather quickly.

It's a great trip.

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We were on this tour last Fall. There is time on the bus and I found the scenery quite interesting. The guide will be discussing history, economics, culture, many areas of interest to the location while you travel. You are never on the bus for more than 2 hrs without a stop for beverages or necessaries. I saw people sleeping, reading, playing games on phone, but I am one that wants to see the countryside and small town life as our coach travels. A word of caution: even though the guide says to change seats after day 3, NO ONE was changing seats and if you sat in another's area, the evil eyes emerged. This was our first bus tour with RS tours and I now know what I need to do and where to sit on a bus. Also being last out of the bus in not great, especially when we stopped for lunch on the trip. Make haste to be at the front of the line for the on-the-road lunch stop.
It was a fabulous planned tour by RS staff.

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That's because we are human beings and are programmed to go to our "spot". On the tours that I have been on, some seat changing occurs but most people are either "front" or "back" types. I don't chat a lot so I usually go to the back.

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I've been on 6 trips with the longest bus time for the Eastern Europe tour. Lots of territory to cover but stops about every two hours. On all my bus segments, people changed position every day! Generally the 'rule' was to try a different section of the bus (front, middle, back) each day. On my tour last week, couples stuck together even though there was lots of room to spread out. On other tours couples split to visit and make new friends. Some people slept. Others chatted. Me - I liked looking at the scenery. And the guide was often giving a mini lecture on the history or geology or something of interest. I'd say you shouldn't worry.