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Best day of a RS tour!

Today I recieved my notice that I'm completely paid for my RS Switzerland tour in July!!!!!! I know this sounds silly but I look forward all year to taking these tours and getting the notice that your all paid and ready to go gives me an energy boost! I work an extra job on the side and that paycheck goes into the "travel" account for these trips.

Now to prove that I really am a little crazy, on the flight back from each tour I start looking at tours I want to take next. For 35 years I worked very hard and never went anywhere except the midwest then my daughter informed me 12 years ago that we were going on a a "father & daughter" trip and the deal was she would pick where we would go and how we would travel and I got to pay for everything (great deal on my part?). All she gave me was a backpack and said we would be staying in small local hotels and eating where the locals ate! We landed in Paris, then worked our way to Barcelona, then Milan and finally finished in Rome. We stayed in a few hostels along the way, and small but decent hotels and at 57 years old I had the best time of my life!!!!! Every year since that trip I have traveled and it has expanded my understanding of the world and the beauty of experiencing other cultures.

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Your post made me happy, Donald. It was so positive and joyful. Switzerland in July!! What could be better. and I hope every minute is fun.

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Sounds to me like your daughter is Very Smart! I hope you have been able to travel with her again (Even if you have to pay for it!)

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You are going to absolutely love this trip! Haven’t seen/experienced all the locations you’ll see but just the Berner Oberland alone would make this tour a winner. Have a wonderful time!

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Love your enthusiasm and heartfelt experience with your daughter! "Every year since that trip I have traveled and it has expanded my understanding of the world and the beauty of experiencing other cultures." Keep planning & enjoy every adventure. You made my day!

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What a great story! Good for your daughter....and YOU for going along with her plan!

I know you'll have a wonderful time!

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What a lovely story! It is never too late to start traveling! We started when I was 57 (hubby 66) in 2010 and will not stop until one of us is headed for the grave. Postpone nothing!

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I loved your story. Traveling with my daughter is my favorite experience, too. She is a teacher though and can't travel in the shoulder season which I prefer. I remember we did the VFR tour one summer and it was over 90 in Rome. We were melting, but we still had so much fun. I just paid off my tour for this year, too, and can definitely relate. I also look forward to the day you get the list of your travel guide, all your hotels and your travel companions.

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"What a lovely story! It is never too late to start traveling! We started when I was 57 (hubby 66) in 2010 and will not stop until one of us is headed for the grave. Postpone nothing!"

I'm totally seconding this. I didn't start traveling until I was almost 50. I regret not traveling earlier now. But, like the saying goes 'The best time to have planted a tree was 30 years ago. The second-best time is right now.'

-- Mike Beebe

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All I want to say is that I LOVE the relationship you have with your daughter! :-)

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Thank you Donald for your post.

I was going to take my first overseas trip at 60. My husband found out my plans and sent me at 50. Now I am trying to go every year and I love my husband even more.

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What a priceless memory of traveling with your daughter! And, her asking you speaks highly of you having a great personality as a travel partner.

I also love that moment when I first reserve either the non-refundable flight or special hotel for the next trip! I give a happy sigh, knowing it’s moved from the “what could be” stage to “It’s happening!”

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I love your story, Donald! I started traveling late and am so grateful I finally did go on that first trip to England. Now I try to go to Europe twice a year, basically I work to travel!
My Manager sent me this special birthday greeting from Dr. Seuss which I love.

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!”
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Then she adds: We can’t wait to hear about all the places you’ll go as you celebrate another year.

I think it’s the sweetest birthday greeting I’ve ever received. Brings tears to my eyes.

Enjoy your trip to Switzerland!

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Thank you for sharing your story. It is such an inspiration. I wish you many more travel adventures and that you enjoy the Switzerland tour.

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I enjoyed reading your story Don. I'm glad you're traveling with Bonnie now. She's been a great addition to your travel itinerary. I envy your trip to Switzerland in July. That's the best time of year to be in the mountains. It looks like a wonderful tour. i hope you post a trip report when you return.

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I love this so much-I love traveling with my kids and I hope that they continue to enjoy it. And that it gives them a better appreciation for the planet and all cultures and people. Heartwarming!

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great deal on my part? Sounds like the best deal of your life!

I totally understand what you mean by already thinking about your next trip before you even get home. I'm close to Europe and am able to go 2-3 times a year. The only thing in life that depresses me is not having plane tickets for my next trip, especially when I take my weekly drive to Jerusalem and pass the airport - I can see the runways and the control tower from the road and often there's a plane landing just meters over my head.

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Love your post and the relationship you have with your daughter, that’s awesome. Keep on traveling. I’m always planning my next trip.

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Along with all the others, I am loving this post! We didn't travel until my husband was close to retirement (and our 3 kids were finally all educated and off on their own!) and never looked back. Some of our favorite trips/tours were with our kids (and eventually grandchildren). Traveling is so life and intellectually enriching. And makes me a better, nicer person!