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Best day ever! Mailed check for RS Tour

I just put the check in the mail to pay the balance of our Rick Steve's Venice, Florence & Rome Tour coming up in May!! I may be 64 years old but I do get excited about travel to places I have never been before. I've always wanted to ride down the Great Canal in Venice and to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, we are actually going over a few days early and spend some time in Monterosso.

(I appreciate all the help I've gotten over the las 4-5 yrs on this forum, it's really made a difference in my travel)

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Congratulations, Donald. Your excitement and enthusiasm are contagious! You will have a wonderful time and do enjoy that ride down the Grand Canal!

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What fun! You will enjoy this trip and I hope the Grand Canal is all you want it to be.

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Donald, that was one bill I always enjoyed paying as well, as I knew what I had to look forward too. Congrats, and enjoy the trip.

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There will be even better days. When you are there.

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Whoo, hoo!! Now that's one bill I gladly pay. Congratulations on your up coming trip. I am sure you will enjoy every minute.

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What a great feeling, Donald - Congratulations! Isn't it exciting? My best day was just recently when I submitted my reservation for my RSteves BOItaly 17 Day Tour, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Have a fabulous trip!

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I am just writing my check for my trip to France in April. I have done your same tour on my own about 8 years ago and it was fantastic. You should enjoy every minute of your trip.

Happy travels,


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Thanks for your enthusiastic message, Donald! By the way, just what dates in May will you be in Venice? You are aware, aren't you, that during one week in May, the Grand Canal will be closed down altogether for a periodic cleaning? Hope your trip doesn't fall then! (OK, OK, just kidding, they don't close it down, and it doesn't get any cleaning.) I will be heading for the RS Best of Spain Tour in April/May, and I am also excited, but I must admit that I myself find the WORST day of the experience to be when I have to pay that biggest bill! I'll probably wait until the last few days to pay. (Sure hope there are no plans to close the Alhambra down for cleaning, while I am there!)

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Besides going down the Grand Canal, you can cross the canal in a traghetto, but don't sit. Stand up like a local. ;)
That was one of my favorite things to do in Venice.
Have a fantastic trip!

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Some bills are better than others. Have fun on your trip!! Sounds fantastic.

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After writing the check (with a big "Yikes!"), it's time to start counting the days. 113 for us!

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I have my check ready to mail at the end of the month for my April 27th trip. Getting close!.


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I remember that feeling of paying off a RS tour. Heck, I took an artsy picture of that check before I mailed it for our 21 day tour last spring!

The only thing we were unable to do was take that gondola ride. On the 21 day tour you only have 2 days in Venice (compared to your 3 days)....and it rained a good portion of that part of the trip. I only say that to prepare you in the off chance rain puts the kabash on your canal ride. Italy was our favorite country by far and those 3 cities were better than I ever could have imagined!