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Best 10 days of Scotland tour starting on April 16th 2018

Hi there! My name is Maddi. I'm 30 years old and currently signed up for the Best 10 days of Scotland tour starting on April 16th 2018

This is my first solo trip!
Not sure it is offered here but is there a way to get in touch with other travelers of this group or solo travelers in the group?
Would be nice to get to know people I will be staying with before hand. Let me know if anyone has an idea of how to do that.

Thanks :)


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Hi Maddi! Nope, no way unless someone comes on to post. I've found that many RS tour members don't even realize there is a forum. You'll get a list of names 3-4 weeks before your trip but there is no contact information on it. The RS office does not share email addresses for tour members.

I have gone on 8 RS tours, 5 of them solo and it is VERY easy to make friends on the tour. You'll get to know each other at your meet-up. I hope you are planning to arrive in Edinburgh at least the day before your tour starts. If you stay at the tour hotel you might also run in to others who are staying there as well.

Now...I'm going on this tour in early June and I'm excited! There is SO much to see in Edinburgh! We are coming in the day before and I think plan to stay for 2 nights afterward. I want to go to Rosslyn Chapel and I think my SIL wants to see the Botanic Gardens.

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Hi Maddie- we are the next after you. Hope you enjoy your trip. Getting exciting. Doing back to back ones. Starting off with the 8 day ireland , then hopping over on the 23rd for the Scotland tour

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we had two solo travelers on our RS tour last year in Spain. Everyone bonded rather quickly and someone always invited a solo traveler to join them for a meal or to wander on free time. I think you will be quite comfortable traveling solo on the group tour. It is also a great idea to get to the departure city at least one day prior to the tour commencement. You probably will inadvertently meet others on the tour at that point in time. As noted, before the tour, the group's names will be divulged and you may be able to find if they posted on the forum. We are going to Edinburgh with a RS tour in August arriving 3 days early for the tattoo event. We already know the identity of the RS hotel and have booked the extra nights to acclimate and chill before the tour begins.

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Hi, Maddie. I did this same trip solo in 2014. I was surprised how many solos there were - I think there were six of us. You quickly get to know each other right away; so don't worry. You are going to love this trip. Scotland is beautiful, the people are so friendly and the pubs are fun. Enjoy!