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Berlin, Prague, Vienna tour guidebooks


For those of you who have taken this tour, what does Rick provide for a guide book(s)?

For the My Way Alps tour, they take the appropriate sections from several country guidebooks and cobble them together into one book.

Do they do the same for BPV, or issue books on Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria?


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A quick email to the tour department will probably get you the most accurate and up to date answer. They have always been quick to answer my questions.

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Thanks for your replies Mary Pat and Rocket. I’ll email the tour department tomorrow and ask them.

Our local library used to have a pretty large travel section, but they have cut it way back, and don’t have these available right now.

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Just to close the loop, and for anyone else wondering, I received an email yesterday from RSE. The answer is that we will receive a copy of each of the three books.

The reply said that the information about receiving the three books is in the "Tour Kit" section of our Tour Account, but I sent them a copy of the wording which gives the general statement, "the required guidebooks," hence, my question.

Thanks again to those who replied.

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The answer is that we will receive a copy of each of the three books.

Good to know, thank you for the feedback.