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Bath to London

I totally understand I’m on my own after the RS tour ends in Bath. That’s fine.
I was just wondering where I find the information to get back to London. I’ve been looking on my app Rome 2 Rio and another Transportation site someone mentioned but couldn’t find anything for 90 minutes.
No worries , I will look at the National Railway site.

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Trains usually go every 30 minutes from Bath to London (Paddington). See . Go into Bath station & pay on the day can be costly. Even pre- booking the day before can save money. However, if you pre-book a specific train in advance, you can save even more money. (The cheap fares appear about 11 weeks in advance).

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Trains from Bath Spa to London Paddington all (except for weekends and when there is electrification works or other engineering works) take 90 minutes. Some are 92 minutes, many are 85 minutes, but all are right around the vicinity of 90 minutes. What is this other transportation site with wrong information? And Rome2Rio is good for approximations but is not always correct nor up to date.

Use the official sites of the railways in whichever country you travel.

By the way, it is confusing when you have two identically names threads in the same Forum about slightly different questions.

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Are you flying out of Heathrow right after the tour ends in Bath? If so you might want to consider a Bath based private car service. Not really that expensive, and much, much quicker. But if you are planning to stay in London for a bit then the train with an advanced ticket will be the way to go.

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If going to Heathrow, the National Express coach would be far more direct and cheaper than train. Did you read this thread?

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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help. I’ve decided to go straight back to London and go on Day Tours to places.
I’m not an experienced traveller and needed help, but am ok now.