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Basque Sheep Farm ?

I'm a bit confused (nothing new about that). I just received the email announcing the tours for 2019 which also listed a few new items added to old itineraries. Among these was this...."Basque Country of Spain & France will include a Ba-a-a-asque sheep farm visit". We took this tour in the fall of 2017 and went to a sheep farm (and loved it!) It is also listed on this year's itinerary. So what is new about it on the 2019 tours?

Not a big deal - just curious.

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The sheep farm is something the guides like to add as an extra. Maybe it was decided to make it a permanent part of the tour. Our recent Ireland tour included a stop to pet and feed baby lambs. This was an extra our guide provided after finding out everyone wanted to participate.

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I had the same question because I’m going on this trip in a few weeks and the sheep farm visit is listed on our itinerary. I called the office and they pretty much told me what Debra said.