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RS Barcelona & Madrid 8 day tour - is that too short?

We are looking at the February 2018 Barcelona & Spain - primarily because it's such a good price and we like to get away in Feb. We are planning the My Way Alpine in Sept 2018., so that will be our BIG trip. This Spain tour is only 8days and one of the cheapest RS tours we see. Has anyone been? Think it's long enough? We could probably add to it to be gone a total of 2 weeks. Any suggestions on how to add pre/post to this? Has anyone ever done such a short tour? We've never been to Spain.

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We went on the tour in February 2015 and really enjoyed it. I was working at the time,so the shorter tours were more feasible. We added time in Barcelona pre tour and in Madrid post tour. The weather was cool but pleasant for walking around, and crowds were minimal.

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All RS tours are too short! At least, that's what we think every time we've taken one.

We did the Barcelona - Madrid tour several years ago, and loved it. We did come 2 or 3 days early, spending that time in Barcelona, and stayed about another week or so after the tour ended. That extra time was split between Madrid and Granada.

This tour is a great introduction to Spain. I'd recommend it.

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Sadly, I have not been to Barcelona, but if I ever get there, I would like to take a day trip to Tarragona. However, I have spent some time in Madrid. The suggestions/itinerary on the RS tour are very good. In addition to the day trip to Toledo (a fantastic place), day trips to Segovia, Avila, El Escorial and other sights in Madrid (several other museums etc.) are all worthwhile. A trip to Granada with also be doable as an overnight or two journey.

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Spain is great! We took the Best of Spain tour last summer. Your tour is much shorter but you are experiencing a lot. It would be better with one more day that would allow an overnight in Toledo. But, I can see logistically that would be impossible. You will have cooler weather and possibly rain. We wished we had more time in Barcelona. Arrive a few days in advance. If you have time at the end of the tour, Seville, our favorite city In Spain is 2 1/2 hours by high speed train. Great place to spend 3-4 days or longer if you can.

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I don't know where you live but for me, eight days would be too short due to how I handle jet lag. I live in CA. When we tour, we usually go in a few days ahead of the tour start and depending on the length of the tour, we often stay a few days at the end.

I like to get more days of sightseeing for the price of air regardless of how I pay for it using miles or cash.

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My first trip to Spain was in February 2013, because for about 20 years I'd wanted to see the Alhambra and because I was looking for "somewhere in Europe in February" and Andalucia is the warmest, driest part of Europe. I decided to see it "in-depth" and check it off my list. I had 21-days there and another 2 in Madrid before flying home. Before my first week was over and long before I got to the Alhambra, I knew I'd be back.

It took me all of two years to return, again in February. That time I had only 18 days (I started in Italy), 7 days in Andalucia, a couple in Toledo, 4 more in Madrid and 5 in Barcelona.

Fast forward 13 months . . . a full week in Barcelona, then Valencia, then 11 days in Andalucia, mainly for Semana Santa.

I've seen pretty much everything I wanted in Madrid, but I'd go back in a flash for more time at the art museums. I still have a list of places to see in and around Barcelona. There are places I haven't explored yet in Andalucia and several I could return to again and again.

February is low season. You'll get bargain prices on rooms, and most tourist sights won't be crowded. My advice is to go for as long as you can possibly get away. Spend time in Barcelona to see some of the sights the tour doesn't cover and take day trips. After Madrid, well . . . just look at where I went for ideas.

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We took the tour last year, we added a few days before and after. I still would have liked a couple more days in each city. I also wanted to do a couple day trips.