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Athens and 14 day Greece tour & advisibilty of swim gear

We are taking the 4 April Athens and 14 day Greece tour. In preparation we watched some RS videos and TV programs. One of them stated "do not forget to take your swim suit, water shoes and microfiber towel". Current temperatures on Ydra and Athens are high of mid 60's and low of 40. The RS Friday report detailing current tours on the road and observations about bus traveling this day and age indicated Greece tour experienced snow last week!!

How many of you actually went swimming on Greece 14 day tour? Not much room in suitcase after masks and Covid test kits.

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"do not forget to take your swim suit, water shoes and microfiber towel"

Definitely advice for a summer time tour

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Swimwear may be useful if there are those non desirable indoor pools or hot tubs. While you may have several beach access opportunities conditions may not be favorable. This tour was one of my all time favorites. Have fun.

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We took this tour in May and loved it and we actually went swimming twice, but the water was very cold and most of the folks couldn't stay in very long. Also, the beaches in Greece are made of small round rocks, not sand, and it is painful to walk on, so you need a pair of swim booties in order to walk on the beach.

There is a great swimming spot on the island of Hydra and we loved it, but again the water is very cold. The locals told us to come back in August and September, that's when they swim.

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We took this tour in early- mid May. The weather was mid-70’s and some people swam in Hydra, but we just waded. If you somehow catch a heat wave, you could buy something there. We usually tour in the spring and have given up taking anything for swimming unless we’re extending the time in another location. We’d rather use the suitcase space for other things.

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Thank each of you for taking time to writing up your experience w/ this issue. I had not thought about, but of course it is true, we can buy swim gear in Greece if we are overtaken by the urge to take a dip in the Aegean or Ionian Sea.🩱😎🩲

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I took the tour in late April. Some folks went in the water but it was pretty cold. After the initial shock they said it was fine . . . . for about 10-20 minutes, no more . . . and the days were in low to mid 70s. Water shoes are important even if you're just going to wade. All the beaches are stony, no sand.

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I’m going early April and I’m still bringing my swimsuit, towel and water shoes. I want to be able to say I went in the sea. The weather‘s been so crazy there who knows it might be quite warm. I’d like to be prepared!

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We stayed at a hotel in Santorini in midMay one year. It had a gorgeous infinity pool. I went in just long enough for a photo and got out promptly. It was freezing.