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April honeymoon in Europe - suggestions?


My fiance and I are looking for suggestions for travel destinations to Europe in early April ( we are purposefully skipping the holy week festivities and business, thank you!). We are relatively active, enjoying hiking and biking. However, we want to combine that energy with relaxing, touring historic sites and museums, and enjoying good food and local company. I have spent a good amount of time in Andalucia and the rest of Spain, and I solo traveled Italy about 10 years ago (Rome and Florence). He has been to London only. Does anyone have suggestions? I am thinking Italy combined with Croatia. We had also considered the Netherlands for their superb bike trails, but we are afraid it may be a little cold (50s, which is chilly for we southerners).

Thanks so much!

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How long will you have on the ground?

Early April isn’t a great time to visit Croatia, as the season there doesn’t get going until after Easter/early May due to the weather.

Italy, southern France, Malta or Portugal would be reasonable options. Early April can still be cool and wet and for this reason I wouldn’t opt for Greece before the end of April. I presume Scotland would be too cold for you?

European schools will be on holiday for Easter for the first three weeks of April, so places will be busier and therefore more expensive.

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Thanks for your reply! Scotland is not necessarily too cold - it just requires a different mindset and wardrobe. We enjoy hiking and biking, so as long as we aren't battling wind and snow while trying to do some outdoor activities, we would be open to it. As for days - 10 total so 8 on the ground.

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How about the Amalfi coast? We were there in early April several years ago, and the weather was delightful (which provides absolutely no guarantee for 2019, though).

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Thanks for your reply! Scotland is not necessarily too cold - it just requires a different mindset and wardrobe.

We didn't plan our trip to Scotland to be the week after Easter, it was just lucky. I didn't realize it was such a big holiday with lots of Americans there the week before Easter. Everything opens up for then. The good news is that everyone leaves the day after Easter, so Scotland was not crowded at all, but everything remained open. Scotland in the spring is gorgeous, with acres and acres of daffodils in full bloom. We had good weather as well, with only one day of rain. It wasn't as cold as I expected, but we did have some frost at our Mull B&B and the 5 sisters still had snow.

You also couldn't go wrong staying at an agriturismo in Tuscany or Umbria. Then, there's Paris in the Spring...

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How about Romania? Be fascinated by Bucharest, hike around in the Carpathian Mountains, ride out to the Black Sea resorts, then connect back home via Budapest, Hungary.

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Amalfi or Sicily would have better weather but Ireland (Dingle, Kinsale, Giant's Causeway, Aran Islands), England (Cotswolds, Lake District) and Scotland (Isle of Skye) are all nice and have opportunities for hiking or biking. Holland has flowers (Keukenhof Garden) and Amsterdam has more commuters by bike than I've ever seen.

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My husband and I walked parts of the Cotswolds (LOVED IT) in mid to late May this year, then spent ten days in Scotland in early June. Personally I think early April will be too early for both of these areas. When we had sunny, warm days the weather was very pleasant, but we also had chilly rainy days that got uncomfortable. And the further north in Scotland, the chillier.

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My husband and I did the Best of Europe in 14 Days in the fall of 2018 and loved it. It's a great mix of very active days touring museums, exploring the cities (a hike in Switzerland too), and time on your own to take it slow for a while. France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Truly the 'best of" having seen so much in two weeks was thrilling.

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Sicily would probably fit your needs best, or maybe the French Riviera.