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Anyone going on the 21 Day Best of Europe tour September 24, 2019?

We are very excited to be going on this RS tour which is quickly approaching! Anyone else on this forum joining us? We are from the SF Bay Area.

John and Debbie

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We did the tour three years ago and loved every second! Have a great trip!

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We've done it twice! It's a great tour. Have fun!

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HI John and Debbie! We are going on the the same tour on Sept 24th! I am so excited I can hardly sleep and have this trip on my mind almost 24/7. It will be my first time to Europe and I have wanted to do this trip for decades, and finally getting the chance. I have been a big Rick Steve's fan and have been reading everything I can get my hands on, including this forum, gleaning info from all of the helpful people here. I look forward to meeting you and traveling with you. We will be there two days early as suggested and spending some time with some local friends first.
Thank you to everyone who posts here and shares their valuable tips and experiences.
Happy travels to you all!
Camy and Tom- Bandon Oregon

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Hello Camy and Tom,

We are also over the top excited about our up coming trip! It too is my first time to Europe! Planning and packing are just about finished as we leave tomorrow for Amsterdam. We are staying the for three days staying in a BnB on one of the canals. One of the days we will take the train to Rotterdam where my husband was born. We also want to visit Delft and The Hague. We have tickets for the Anne Frank House and the Van Goh museum.

Where are you staying your first two days with friends?

Have you made extra plans for any of our locations? I’d love to go to The Moulin Rouge in Paris but haven’t made arrangements yet. Would like to go with other people.

Are you staying on after our tour ends in Paris? We are for one extra night then going to London for three days. Planning to pilgrimage to Liverpool to visit my beloved Beatles hometown!

Have to wrap up work today, finalize packing and TRY to sleep tonight! Is that even possible!

See you on the 24th!

Debbie and John

PS. Anyone want to chime in with suggestions or recommendations in about our upcoming RS tour please do! Thanks!

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All I can say is that this was one of my favorite tours. Even if you normally don't journal when you travel you should do it on this trip. You will see and do SO much that by the time you get to Paris you will have forgotten Bacharach, lol!

Take a waterproof rain jacket with a hood.

If the guide offers anything extra take him/her up on it. My guide offered an extra meal or two and offered to take us up to the top of the Schilthorn on our free day in Switzerland. It was marvelous and one of my best memories. In general he paid and then we paid him back. Very easy and they always know good places!

Take your tour roster with you to the first meet up. Learn everyone's name early on as you'll be with them for 3 weeks so it's easier to get that out of the way first.

Don't be afraid to nap on the bus. This is a strenuous trip and you need to recharge when you can.

I hope all of you have a fabulous time. It's a wonderful introduction to Europe!

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Thanks for the tips Pam and @ Debbie, I am so excited too! We have to drive 5+ hours to get to PDX today and then fly out tomorrow early. We will be staying in Boskoop in South Holland and then Haarlem starting the night before our tor starts. Looking forward to meeting you and our other new friends in a few days! Maybe we can meet up for breakfast on the morning of our tour. Will you be at the Ambassador Hotel the night before?

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Not sure if you will get this but, we recently did the 14 day Best of Europe with Iceland, extra days in Paris, Rome and then on to London. If you like Van Gogh, we enjoyed an immersive art show in Paris that is featuring Van Gogh. Link to information Also enjoyed a walking tour (pay what you think it's worth) in Montmarte with Discover Walks that we enjoyed. Didn't go in, but went over to Moulin Rogue and learned some of the history. In London we did a Beatles tour and got pictures on Abbey Road. Also, enjoyed the Thames Rockets boat ride in London. If you haven't already seen it and it is available on the plane Yesterday is a fun movie based on the Beatles. I second the trip up to the top of the Schilthorn, it was a beautiful clear day with a wonderful view for us and a great trek back to Lauterbraunnen. Have a wonderful time!