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Any tips for managing several different currencies?

We will be part of the RS Best of Eastern Europe tour beginning Sept.4. On this trip, we will need to have some cash in several different currencies for some things, such as coins for toilets, eating, etc. when a credit card is not accepted. Does anyone have a good method for organizing this, or advice? Thank you.

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I had to keep Swiss Francs and Euros separate and I used these little organizers and they worked great.

Looks like these are out of stock but I’m sure you could find something similar. I labeled them with a little piece of paper so I could easily identify which was which. If I wasn’t going to need both for a day, I’d keep one back at the hotel in my suitcase. I kept both coins and the paper money in each.

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I haven't had to keep separate currencies in years but I've got these 2 small wallets from Travelon bags either of which would work great. BTW, I got them at an Eddie Bauer outlet store last summer so you might find them cheaper.

If worst comes to worst, you could also use small ziplock snack bags. I usually have one in my purse to put my $ in once I get onboard the outbound plane, then I'm not confusing myself, lol.

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1001 uses for zip lock bags. # 475: use snack bags to organize different currencies. Rotate to your wallet as necessary.

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yeah ziploc would work well, every traveler should always have a stash both in their carryon and their checked bag. That is how I safely navigate the TSA.

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I like the Zip ID case wallet from Vera Bradley. If you have a VB outlet near your home, they are cheaper than the $15 advertised online. I just like them as they are fun. You can roll up paper bills, and place a cc in the clear ID section or the pocket that is inside and they are usable from year to year.


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Zip lock baggies is the best way to keep currencies separate.

When I look at the different coins, etc., I cannot even tell easily what currency they are? U.K.? Euro? Other?

And in the modern world, I use the ATM card to get just a minimal amount of funds anywhere. I seldom use it. And at the end of my trip, I save just enough cash to eat breakfast in an airport McDonald's restaurant.

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Oh, coin-wise I forgot to mention...I use the small ziplock bags in the bead/jewelry section of Michaels. I use the larger small size for coins and the smaller small size for decanting pills...Motrin, allergy pills, etc. I have found that re-use leads to splitting at the bottom so best to have a new one each time. Since they come in packs of 150 there are plenty, lol.

Here's what I use:

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You might not bother with coins, just use paper money as needed, and learn how to say ‘keep the change’ in various languages. A good way to make friends and influence people.

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I took this wonderful trip in 2019. Our guide gave us a list with both recommended amounts of cash for each location (surprisingly little was necessary) and, more importantly, a reminder of when to spend our loose change. We were always at a rest stop just before a border where we could find a snack or a coffee to buy or we could pool our coins if someone needed an extra dollar worth of currency. And then there was always an opportunity to exchange paper money either as we crossed or shortly thereafter. I never had more than one foreign currency at a time. Ending the trip in Slovenia worked perfectly for me as they use euros -- I always take some home with me so I am properly funded to start my next trip. I really only kept a second small purse for the US money that I had.
I wish you great joy on this trip--it was my favorite so far.