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Any recent experience with obtaining a voucher from travel guard?

UPDATE (08/15/2022): I just received a check refunding my entire Travel Guard premium for our cancelled trip. I was expecting a voucher so this was an unexpected surprise. I had purchased the initial insurance in June 2021, when we paid our RS tour deposit, and added additional insurance in February when we purchased plane tickets. Canceled the trip last month. So I definitely wasn’t within a 15 day post purchase refund window. Not sure how this happened, but it’s a pleasant surprise!

I just got off the phone with a travel guard representative who told me so many conflicting things that my head is spinning, so I’m turning to the forum. I searched for previous posts here and see that in 2020 Travel Guard was permitting policy holders to obtain a voucher when they canceled a trip (not requesting reimbursement for travel expenses, just not taking the trip and requesting a travel guard credit towards a future trip) that was good for 2 years. Has anyone tried to obtain a voucher for a canceled trip in 2022? Do they still issue vouchers? For the full amount paid towards the policy? Do they still permit you to use the voucher up to 2 full years from now? Is it 2 years from the date you canceled or 2 years from the date you purchased the policy?

I know these are honestly questions for travel guard but the customer service rep I talked to didn’t have any answers and told me to go to the voucher tab in the portal. But I’m trying to get answers to a few questions before filing for a voucher.

Long story short we’ve canceled our 2022 tour and obtained vouchers or refunds for everything, so don’t need to use the insurance. We plan to take a much smaller domestic trip instead. We could try to have our coverage switched to the new trip, but by my best guess we will have paid travel guard about $150 more than what we’ll need to insure, and I do know they will not refund the difference between the cost of insurance for the new trip. I’m trying to decide whether it would be easier/wiser to just transfer the policy and lose the $150 or to get a voucher for a future trip (if that’s still something they do) that will cost as much or more than what we insured (about $5,500 in travel costs). Anyone with experience doing something like this I’m 2022? Thanks!

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Thanks Laurie Beth — that is the page I saw. I’d just like to get more information from them first as to possible ways to use the voucher, how long I’d have to use it, and if it would be simpler just to transfer the policy to our less expensive vacation.

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I emailed (about 2 weeks ago) travel guard about options I had for the insurance I purchased in 2020 and didn’t use. TG emailed me within 24 hours with a voucher number to use in redeeming my unused insurance…..I can call and let them help me use the voucher or there is an online option. I did have my policy number and date purchased and the voucher has to be used by the end of the year…..hope this info helps!

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We just cancelled our 2022 September tour that was originally scheduled for 2020 and Travel Guard reissued our Voucher to be used until the end of this year. We essentially lost the premium paid since we've decided not to travel anywhere this year.

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I canceled Travel Guard insurance for an April 2022 trip which used a Covid voucher from 2020. I received a voucher which stated good until Dec 2022. I emailed them and was told I had until Dec 2022 to book insurance for new trip, but not necessarily travel.
Confusing, but more than fair.