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Any need for a dress (or dressy outfit) on the RS 10-day Best of Scotland tour?

Hello, all! I see that our packing list includes items like a skirt, but I don't see any reference on the itinerary to dinner at a nice restaurant, or any other location that might require us to dress in something fancier than usual. Is the list just being thorough, or is there some event or dinner on the RS 10-day Scotland tour that merits a "dressy" outfit? Thanks for your help!

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Just being thorough. Some do prefer to wear skirts in the evenings, some don't. We never went anywhere that a pair of semi dressy daytime slacks and semi dressy daytime top would not suffice.

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These tours are informal. Most people with wear same type clothes to group dinners as they do touring. You might consider changing into fresher clothing after being out and about during the day. Also, some members might "dress up" by adding a scarf or some costume jewelry. If you plan to do carry on only, then space will be limited in your bag. Taking special clothing, for dinning only, might not be worth the space, not to mention the added weight they would add to you bag.

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No need for dressy.. but I wear skirts and sundresses on every europeon vacation at least 5 days out of 7 and they are not the least bit dressy or fancy at all. In hot climates they are cooler than capris or pants, and they cover the backs of your thighs so you don't have to stick to bus seats.. lol

Scotland is not going to be super hot so if you don't like to wear skirts don't bring one of course!!!

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I've been on 9 RS tours. Yes, some people (women especially) dress up a bit for dinners. The final dinner seemed a little dressier on my last tour. I try to wear my best shirt with whatever pants I have with me. So, whichever way you decide to go, you won't feel over- or under-dressed.

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Thank you, all! That's exactly what I needed. In the interest of covering all of my bases while also traveling carryon-only (a personal preference), I think I'll toss in an extra "snazzy top" for any occasions that seem to call for upgraded attire, and otherwise will stick to comfortable but smart-looking travel clothes. I appreciate your input!

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My wife and I have been on 14 RS tours and she has never worn a dress or skirt and has never felt out of place or underdressed. I have noticed on several more recent tours that some female tour members come to the last tour dinner wearing fancy outfits that they have hauled around for the entire tour.

Dress on RS tours to make yourself feel comfortable.