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Any chance of more myway tours?

Anybody know if RS will do more myway tours? They stopped the Myway BOE which is the one we wanted. I guess the fully guided RS tour must have a higher profit margin/more tm's.

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At the bottom of this page, there’s a ‘contact us’ feature you can use to contact the RS company directly.

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We enjoyed the My Way Best of Europe tour years ago. I’ve noticed they’ve dropped & added different My Way tours over the years. (My Way Alpine Europe was a great trip & itinerary this past summer.) I think you should provide feedback… tour selection is likely influenced by interest and demand.

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MyWay Tours can appeal to RS veteran tour participants who are loathe to repeat itineraries, and RS gets the business that might not happen otherwise.

I have repeated VFR and would be happy to do it again, but would want to skip many of the planned activities. I have also taken MyWay Alpine and know I will repeat this because I know how I want to spend my time. If enough folks mention the same wishlist, itineraries get acted on: MSV = Christmas Markets.

The next tour I wish for is the other half of GAS - the beginning and maybe a dip into Colmar and Basel - and have winter dates.

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On our My Way Italy tour in May I was surprised that out of 25 tour participants, only 4 of us had taken a RS tour before. I think everyone had been to Europe before, but not on a RS tour and not that particular itinerary. I think the price and flexibility had a lot to do with their choice.

We loved the My Way format and find it even more appealing as we age in that if we have to take a break we’re not losing out on a group experience. I was impressed at how cohesive the group became even though we were all following our own plans.

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We would never do a My Way tour because you are paying a lot for transport and accommodations. We appreciate the transport, but for us the hotels are the weak link of RS tours. We like to pick our own hotels, with amenities like real king size beds and elevators. We have had some very uncomfortable hotels with RS.
A perfect choice for us would be to meet with the RS group every day for the tours and excursions, but do food and hotels on our own.

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TMs is Tour Managers, not tour members

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We just finished the MW Alpine, which we enjoyed very much. I would like to see more My Way tours in areas where transportation is more difficult without a car; MW Scottish Highlands or Norway, for example.

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I'm definitely thinking about My Way for my next tour. Hoping for 2023, but might be 2024. Looking at the Alpine one right now, but would like to see more options, too.

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I haven't even gone on my first RS tour yet (MW Alps - next July!) but I already know I will love it and I keep looking for other options to book. I wish there were more multi-country My Way like the Alps.....would love to see eastern Europe, Great Britain, etc. I would be ALL OVER those!!

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I'm with Mary on this one. I don't need what MW's offer for places I can go by car or train. I would certainly consider a MW in the UK if it didn't include the southeast.

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What I know to to be true after traveling to 44 countries, all over the world, some on my own, some with my children, some with a tour, is that logistics take up alot of my "vacation" time. My kids have said Mom dealing with logistics takes alot of fun out of our family trips as making sure all is good with car rental, train schedules, updating hotel/airbnb reservations can be stressful. But, taking three people on a full service RS tour is too expensive for me. Wish I could get hired as an assistant guide for an RS family tour! I love chidren and taking care of people. I would do it for free if my kids could come with me. :)

I love the RS product and philosophy. Fan of the quirky hotels and the special experiences only RS tours provide. Still remember my first tour, BOE in 2006 with Christoph, TG and Ronnie bus driver. Narrow curvy roads in Tuscany and Christoph starts playing Mission Impossible on the bus and also later that night one of my favorite meals at the agroturismo.

His guides are the absolute best in the business and I understand the best needs to be paid which is why RS tours are expensive.