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antigen testing when arriving back in the USA


Not realizing it (stupid I know) we are required a covid test on returning from Switzerland. I'd like to find the cheapest yet safest route on doing this.
I did see on Delta's website they are allowing Home test from abroad. I'm also wondering if anyone has traveled to and from either Switzerland or France back to the US?? What was their experience with the airline?

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When is the trip and are you coming back from France or Switzerland?

The test is required before you board the plane, not "when arriving back in the USA'

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Yes, I do realize that I need to show proof prior to boarding to fly back to USA.
I'm leaving from Geneva.
My trip is primarily all Switzerland. I have a layover in Paris on the flight returning home.

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Got the following from United a while back for an upcoming trip to the Baltics and Balkans

Enjoy a worry-free return to the U.S. with Abbott.

We've partnered with Abbott to provide a COVID-19 test kit you can bring on your trip to Vilnius and almost any future international trips.* Pack it in your carry-on, take the test within three days of your return flight to the U.S. and enjoy your trip knowing you won't have to search for a COVID-19 test in another country.
See how it works

Abbott's rapid BinaxNOW™ Home Test meets the CDC's requirements for entry to the U.S. You can order it below or by visiting the Travel-Ready Center.

Our first-of-its-kind partnership with Abbott is another reason you can feel confident when you fly with us.

It comes in a pack of 6 and costs $150 - so averages to $25. I read somewhere that you should carry 2 just in case. You need to download an app and register before leaving the US. You also need internet access so someone can verify it is you taking the test while on camera.

I plan on ordering mine shortly

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The following is a link to a short Youtube video that United attached in the email. Test takes about 30 minutes and you can do it from your hotel room.

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We’ll be getting our tests at Barajas airport in Madrid. 25 euros. Appointment required.