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alums of RS Best of Paris in 7 days: any other hotels?

For those of you who have travelled with the RS tours: what hotels other than the Hotel de Londres Eiffel have the groups stayed at, for the Paris city tour?

Reading through the reviews (of what we can see of them on the RS reviews, and then comments on TA) I keep seeing the Hotel de Londres Eiffel but surely there must be other hotels that have been used for this tour?

For context: I have been on RS tours before.

I'm only asking what hotels, other than the Hotel Londres Eiffel, have you stayed at, for the Paris in 7 Days tour. (I'm well aware there are other great hotels in Paris and alums are generally happy with tour hotels).

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Hi Kwid, we stayed at the Londres Eiffel (7th arr near ET) for the Paris in 7 Days tour, and at the Hotel Castex (4th arr) for Paris and the Loire. Both were fine. I recently stayed at the Hotel Empereur (7th arr near Napoleon's Tomb) before beginning another RS tour (it's been recommended on this site, is in the RS Paris book, and got decent reviews on TA) - it's my new favorite. You will receive an e-mail with info on the first and last hotels about 5 months prior to your departure date.

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I have been on the Paris city tour twice and both times we stayed in the Hotel Londres Eiffel. I do not think he uses any other hotel for the week long tours. Remember there are a number of weeks for that tour, but it is not all year long and since it is such a nice hotel and a good location, why change the hotel. They may have a standing agreement with the hotel and why change hotels when you have a good one to use. However, on the other tours that go to Paris before going on to other places, he does use other hotels. I went on the Paris/Loire Valley tour which was 15 days at the time, but now he cut out Paris on that tour and we stayed in Hotel Castex. It was a nice hotel but I much preferred Hotel Londres Eiffel. I am going on the Best of Europe this year and we are staying at Hotel Tilsitt Etoile. Not sure if this hotel has been used before this year and don't know how people liked it. I asked the question on this site and no one answered me.

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Actually different hotels are used for the week long Paris City tour. I am going in September and it is at Hotel Le M. I end up a 21 day Best of Europe and we are staying at Hotel Beaugency.

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I've been twice and both times it has been the Londres Eiffel. I just think that it has to do with the time of the year that you go! However, Londres is a wonderful hotel, great location, quite and friendly. Plus, check the rates of it as a non- Rick Steve's traveler, you would spend almost $1400USD on the hotel alone if you were not traveling as part of the tour!!