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airlines to pmo

hello, i will be in serrento and will need to get to palermo. what airlines fly that route? the reviews of volotea appear to be terrible so not sure i would use them. any suggestions?

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We flew Volotea from Bari to Palermo a few months ago, Fast and friendly check in, on time, fast luggage retrieval . We added luggage and seat selection to our ticket. We would definitely fly Volotea again. I think it was a 737, all one class like Southwest. This flight saved us from having to fly to Rome and then take a second flight to PMO. Our flight was full so many people like Volotea!
If you will be in Sorrento, where does Volotea fly from? Naples? We took four Alitalia four times last fall, typical stuff, but not as efficient as Volotea for checking in or boarding.
I never saw any bad reviews, mixed ones as usual.

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I saw another poster on Rick Steve’s praise Volotea too. They are a regular, budget airline.
They tend to connect smaller cities .

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many bad reviews

What airline have you seen that does not have many bad reviews?

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NAP-PMO is a one hour flight. Short of a flaming crash, just how bad can it be for that short a time?

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I agree that for a one hour flight, it's not worth worrying about reviews much.

But, if you really don't want to take Volotea, Easyet and Alitalia also fly this route. How do I know? I used a great trick learned on this forum: to see who flies where from a particular airport, look at that airport's Wikipedia page.

To find actual flight schedules, use Skyscanner: Then, click through to the actual airline website to learn all the rules and fees. Sometimes a fare that seems cheaper is not in the end, by the time you add all the extras.

If you do want to fly Alitalia, note that their "International" website has an English option, but the same prices as their Italian website, which does not. (Here's the direct link: Their US website often has higher prices for domestic flights in Italy than the International or Italian website - for the same flights! Just remember it's a foreign transaction, so notify your credit card company and don't forget to account for any foreign transaction fees.