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Advice on best tour with teen that’s not the family tour

Hi Everyone,

We were hoping to sign up for the family tour this coming summer. Unfortunately, it looks like the dates that we can travel the tour is sold out. Now, we are trying to figure out which tours would work for our family of 3 with our 16 year old. We are torn between Best of Spain, Basque Country tour or Heart of Ireland. Are any of these tours appropriate for a 16 year old? Thank you for your advice!

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As the mother of an only child (only children are often more comfortable with adults), I think your son/daughter would be fine on any of these. Do they have a preference?

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If you let the teen look at itineraries and pick from your choices, he/she will feel ownership. It's harder to complain when you're the one who made the choice.

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I agree with Cala. Let the teen choose. She/he certainly has an interest at 16. My daughter’s first trip at 15, she chose Pompeii and Florence (Room with a View), as did my step daughter. It is a great trip when their interests are included, just like adults.

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Once you decide on a tour, you could contact the RS office to inquire if any others with teens have signed up. The office won’t give you specifics but might be willing to share the composition of a particular tour date. They’ve been very helpful when I’ve contacted them in the past. Have fun!

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Yes, my teen has definitely voiced his preferences and these are the 3 non-family tour options we landed on. Thank you for the suggestion to ask the RS office if there's any teens or young adults registered for the tours we are considering. Great idea!

I think right now the Basque country is the tour my son likes the most. We are all concerned with hot weather in the southern part of Spain. We heard last summer it was unbearable. Weather is something to consider.

Thank you all for your insights. I love this community.