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Adriatic Tour Review

Hi. Here's a brief review of the Adriatic tour, which I just took.

Weather: progressively hotter as we got further into the trip. Cool and rainy in mountainous Slovenia, hot in Dubrovnik.
Pacing: Quite good. A free day in Korcula, a resort island. Very nice hotel and nice change of pace, However, we also spent 1/2 a day on Hvar (another island resort) which was pretty redundant. Think it was due to the logistics of the bus getting to Korcula with us.
Tour Director,Bus driver: Director lovely but much more low-key than I have had on previous trips. She was excellent on explaining the incredibly convoluted and tragic history of the region. Bus driver great, as always.
High point: gorgeous scenery - Slovenia, Dubrovnik, spectacular in most cases. Made bus rides seem short since we were always looking at great scenery
Trip is not for: people who expect great food (OK, but not Italy!) people who don't want any historical perspective (the tragedy of this region was emphasized a lot).
Other tour members: non-geographically diverse - mostly from NWest and CA. Pleasant folks and no one particularly rude/difficult. First trip I've been on where front seat of bus no issue - folks content to sit in middle/back, etc. Nice.
Hotels: very nice - I traveled single (for first time on a R.Steves trip) and got great rooms. But think this was strictly luck (not because I paid the big single supplement for example). Others not so pleased. Only loser was hotel in Mostar - but mostly due to lack of smoking restrictions in Bosnia. Only time I encountered really awful smell of smoke on trip, though. Other hotels smoke-free.

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Hi Laura-thanks for posting this comprehensive review. I was on the May 9 Adriatic tour and loved it. I would agree with most you say except the make up of our tour was much more geographically diverse than yous. We had folks from all compass points! I actually am finding that to be the case the more tours I take.

I would also recommend arriving Ljubljana a day or two (at least) early in order to enjoy the lovely city. Lots to do-we took a wonderful food tour the day before the tour began. The city was spotlessly clean and it seemed as if everyone had a smile on his/her face. Lots of families enjoying their beautiful city.

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I totally agree that Ljubliana would be a place you could easily spend another day in!

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Also, if anyone wants any additional info, feel free to contact me privately.