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Adriatic Tour

We are thinking of doing RS Adriatic Tour in September of 2019. It will be our first RS tour, but we have taking many trips using his travel guides. My husband needs air conditioning since he has severe allergies and I wanted to know if his hotels have air conditioning on this tour. I have thought of doing this trip by ourselves, but this trip seems a little more complicated to plan. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA

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There is only one place to get an accurate answer to this question and that is the Rick Steves Tour Office. They alone know which hotels they have contracts with for your tour. It doesn’t matter where the tour may have stayed in the past. Only where it will be staying for your tour. Call the office on Monday (remember they are on Pacific Time).

Any other answer is speculation.

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I agree about asking the tour company about a/c.
That far south can be comfortable or it can be hot in September. Just be aware that some Italian cities have regulations on HVAC requiring electric eyes in rooms that cut off the a/c if no one is in the room. And often, the a/c is not as cool as North America hotels. It's hit or miss.

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As I recall, all the hotels on that tour had air conditioning but I agree with the others that the RS tour office would be the best place to get detailed information. The hotels they use on your tour may be different than those used on my tour.

My suggestion would be to take the tour rather than doing this on your own, as you'll get far more out of the trip and have a much more interesting experience. The local guides used are excellent! Also, there's some bureaucracy to deal with when entering & leaving Bosnia. There were a couple of times when all Passports were collected from the group at border points, and processed by border guards.

One other comment - you'll dine well on that tour. The group lunch in Bosnia was incredible!