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Adriatic Tour

I was thinking of doing the Adriatic tour in September 2018. As I was reading the itinerary it said that half the hotels did not have air conditioning. Has anyone done this trip and found this was a problem? I know their air conditioning is not like the US, but I would like to have the option of at least some kind of circulating air. TIA

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Most RS tours state "weak to no air conditioning". We took this tour a number of years ago in the peak of summer and did not find this to be an issue, but, frankly I cannot remember which places had AC and which (if any) did not. This is a great tour, fantastic places. To skip it over this worry would be a mistake IMHO.

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I took this tour in mid May. The only place heat was an issue that time of year was in Mostar. The hotel wasn't air conditioned (at least my room wasn't!) but the staff did provide me with a fan. Hopefully, you won't let the lack of ac deter you from taking this fabulous tour! You can always check with the tour office staff at Europe Through the Back Door. Email or call them with your questions; they are very responsive.

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If u go in late sept u should be ok. Otherwise i would take a small portable battery operated. Sleep and comfort are imp.

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I took this tour a couple of years ago in June. The only place I remember not having air conditioning was at the Plitvice national park. The issue was the humidity more than the heat.

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Took this trip last Sept. The first nights in early Sept in Ljubljana were quite warm and some thought the circulation was minimal. Having met the owner of the hotel (great location) I would think that they would have fans available for those who like circulation (we found this in Paris this summer)
Other than that we had very little need for A/C.

However, the last hotel in Dubrovnic had A/C... I will always remember since our room was right next to this industrial sized A/C unit and the noise was LOUD. I would have rather they had none!
I agree this trip's itinerary is awesome! I was glad to have taken this trip.

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We did this tour in June a few years back. The only location that was hot and humid was Ljubljana and ac would have been nice. We opened our hotel room window to get a breath of air but had to keep the sheer curtains closed for privacy. The rest of the tour was not a problem.

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We went in September a couple years ago. I don't remember air conditioning being an issue. However my buddy got a room in one hotel that was on a top floor and she said it was warm and stuffy with no windows to open. They got a fan but she was still not happy. But, it was one night for one couple in a great tour. September was plenty warm though

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Just got back from this tour two days ago. All of our hotels had a/c and it worked well in all cases.