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7 day London tour

When is the best time of year to do the 7 day London tour? I would rather not do a walking tour during the hottest time of the year, but I also don't want to go when the weather is crappy. I've seen that some sites are only open at certain times of the year too, so I guess that should figure in as well. Thanks!

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Well, I think you can always expect rain in London but for myself I'd go end of March/April/May or mid-Sept/Oct. I don't tolerate heat well so I'd not go in June/July/August and first part of Sept. Have been early Sept during a heat wave and it just saps me. YMMV.

More than the weather, I'd avoid holidays - such as Easter, Bank Holidays and British school term holidays.

In the distant past I did visit London in the winter and even with short days and less than stellar weather (it snowed once when I was there, lol!) London is wonderful!

Rick's city tours are an excellent intro to the sights and transportation options! Have a terrific time!

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I agree with Pam in general. Buckingham Palace is open till September 29 this year, but not in spring. Spring, especially May, will give you more daylight hours than late summer or fall.

Rainwear is essential any time of year.

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Have you looked at the "Weather" heading under the London tour web page? We used that do determine when to go to London which we did the first week of last month. Some clouds, some rain, some sun, moderate temperatures.

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Thank you all for the info!
I'm thinking late spring. Maybe sometime in May or June. So, pack a raincoat, water-proof shoes, positive attitude and let the good times roll!

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We went on the London tour the first week of June and the weather was glorious. It only rained a bit for part of one day. I have extreme heat sensitivity due to MS, so I always take that into account! If you are from an area that is pretty warm London's normal summer highs won't bother you one bit. But the heat waves have been wild lately!

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I wouldn’t bother with waterproof shoes. I would have 2 pair in case you do get damp feet so you can swap them out.

Flowers will be lovely then!

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We tour this tour May 12 of this year. Had gorgeous weather all week. But our guide said her tour the previous week, it rained all week! No never know😊

Good luck and have fun

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We have always found early June to be pleasant, even in Scotland.

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I’ve taken the tour in mid-October, and the weather was great. (This was a few years ago.) The leaves were in full color. A sweater, A light raincoat. A scarf. I think early fall or mid to late spring would be.a good choice.

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I was on that tour in May that Kim mentioned. Yes, it was rainy and colder than had been forecasted but it was still wonderful and didn’t keep us from doing any planned activities. It would not stop me from going back in May again.