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21 day RS European tour hotels

I have searched for this information and haven't been able to find it anywhere. Is there a listing of the hotels that this tour utilizes? I was just curious about the hotels and where they are located on a map in each of the cities visited. I suppose I have too much time on my hands and am anxiously awaiting spring 2015!

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My guess is that they use different hotels in each area. For instance, I had seen people talk about being on the 21 day tour and staying in Muerren Switzerland and I believe that is shown on the free tour DVD. I've just gotten my hotel list and see we are staying in Stechelberg (probably shared bath as well for single rooms and some double rooms in this hotel).

Once they have the tour dates up I would call the office altho this far in advance I wonder if they have those arrangements worked out yet.

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From what I've seen the tour hotels can change at times due to availability, even on the same tour. Therefore it may not be possible to get a list of the specific hotels that will be used on your 2015 tour until next year. They will provide a list of your first and last hotels a few months before your tour, but the list of all hotels won't be provided until about a month before your tour.

You'll get the best answer to your questions by contacting the tour office at ETBD. I'm sure they could provide a list of "typical" hotels they use on that particular tour.

Happy touring!

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When you join a tour, you do not receive the list of the hotels the tour is using until about a month before you leave. There is nothing on the web site to tell you what tours are being used for a particular tour. You can check the RS online scrapbook for the tour you want to take and look at the scrapbooks. Sometimes, people will take photos or talk about the hotels that they stayed in during their tour. But what hotel one tour uses may not be the same hotel the same tour but different date of the tour, another tour uses. So you will have to wait until you receive the list of the hotels before you go on the actual hotel. But I can understand that you are looking forward to seeing what hotels you will be staying in. I leave in September for the 14 day best of europe and I cannot wait to get the list. I do know what hotels we are staying at the beginning and end of the tour as they always provide that first so you can plan to stay before or after a tour. Rick Steves has several hotels he uses for his tours and it can change. Have a great time!!!!

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I have taken 12 RS tours and have never gotten the hotel lists any sooner than others have indicated. I also go up to the RS headquarters in Edmonds, WA, regularly and have never been able to get any "early" list of hotels or the guides name and I have tried and have always been told that the hotels and guides are fluid until the times that they are actually mailed out plus the fact that they do not want to publicize the guides names too soon that might encourage folks to "shop tours based on who the guide is". I guess after taking 12 RS tours I would have learned to be more patient.

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Thanks's just fun to check out the different list of hotels and see where they are located in relation to the various points of interest. I'm a bit fanatical, I suppose. :)

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Hi Kathy, saw your last posted comment - if that's the issue you're really interested to know, the hotels are always in the prime location to be near the major points of interest in each town.

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Even though we start reserving well ahead, hotel lists do vary by each departure date, based on availability. Save that part of the planning fun until the Tour department sends you your hotel list. A convenient location is one of our top priorities. First and last hotel info is provided earlier, so you can reserve extra days at the same hotels, as needed. Most 2015 tour dates will be for sale online in about two weeks.

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We have taken 5 RS tours and on one tour two of the hotels were changed after we received the list of hotels. Don't exactly know why, but both new hotels were in good locations and turned out fine.