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21 Day BOE Question on Flight Time Returning to US from Paris

So excited to be booked on the 21 Day BOE Aug 28 - Sept. 17, 2022. Since I've successfully convinced my hubby to go, I'm now looking at flights and trip insurance.

I'm planning to fly into Amsterdam a day early in order to rest up before meeting the tour group.

The return flight from Paris is where I need some advice: The best flight price/option back to the U.S. departs CDG airport at 11:50 am on Saturday 9/17. Our hotel is located about 35 minutes from CDG. What time would we need to leave the hotel and what is the most efficient transportation option to the airport?

Thank you so much for any advice!

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35 minutes from CDG based on what form of transport? RER? bus? Taxi?

Is your hotel in central Paris or the 'burbs?

Being CDG, you really want to arrive AT LEAST 3 hours early, if not more. And I'd allow an hour travel time to be on the safe side. So you'd want to leave around 7:50. If you are in central paris, it's a fixed rate by taxi to the airport, so I'd go with that.

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Consider downloading the app "G7" to your smart phone. It allows you to book a taxi (instructions in English) for pickup at a particular time and place. They take credit cards and are extremely reliable. Takes the anxiety out of getting to the airport.

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Cjean and Wbfey are both right — allow an hour to get to the airport, and you need to be there (normally) three hours in advance.

Taxi prices between anywhere in the city of Paris and CDG are fixed-rate: if your hotel is on the Right Bank, it’s 53€; from the Left Bank, it’s 58€. There is a fee for reserving/calling ahead: 4€ for an immediate reservation, 7€ if you call in advance. Prices are good for up to four people and their bags. 4€ per additional passenger.

As for most efficient mode of transport: depending on traffic delays vs train problems, it CAN be taking the RER to the airport. It just depends what conditions are like on the actual day, which is impossible to predict in advance.

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I’m with the others....I’d leave your hotel 4 hours before your flight time BUT I’d follow the forum to see if this is enough time. Recently a regular Paris visitor had a helluva time getting thru CDG/Immigration/Security/Covid paperwork where exactly 2 weeks before I’d sailed thru at about the same time of day.

Did you get the 35 minute figure from Googlemaps? I actually did get from one of the hotels RS (Hotel Beaugency) uses for the 21 Day BOE to CDG a few weeks ago in about 35 minutes but it was at 545A on a Sunday. I’ve never gotten there that fast before and I’ve stayed there maybe 10 times. I always allow 1 hour travel time.

Your hotel can also arrange taxi transport to the airport if you ask the night before. You might have others in your group who are needing to go at the same time, too.

I’m glad you are going in to Amsterdam a day early! You’ll thank yourself for that. I suggest staying in the tour hotel just so you have one less change. This is an awesome tour.

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Your Rick Steves tour guide will be a great resource for you on this. He/she will find out when tour members’ flights out are and help arrange shared transportation if you desire. Don’t overthink this in advance. There were three others with flight times near mine. The guide preordered a taxi and we shared it out to the airport. It was quick, efficient and the least expensive option out there.

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We went on this trip a few years ago and it was a blast! Some early starts but you get to see so much. This is a bit tangential to what you asked, but I'd suggest adding days on to either side of the tour. The airfare difference probably isn't that much and you can stay in the tour hotels (mention you're on the tour, often there is a discount). If you have 2 days before the tour then I'd suggest staying in Amsterdam so everything is just a stroll away instead of having to take the train from Haarlem.

If you haven't been to Europe before and don't know how jetlag will hit you then an extra day or two on the front of the tour in addition to what you already plan might be a way to play it safe. Also in Amsterdam the tour only goes to the Rijksmuseum according to the online itinerary. An extra day or two would give you time to see additional museums (the Anne Frank museum is no longer included on the tour), people watch in Leidseplein, take a bike tour such as Mikes Bikes, take a train to The Hague and Delft, etc.

On the way home since you'll be leaving the hotel on a Saturday around 8am the traffic will typically be pretty light. A taxi would be fine, you could take the RER, or perhaps bundle with other tour members as others have suggested. But there is so much to see in Paris I'd suggest adding on time if you can.

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Thank you all so much - since posting this message, many other flights have popped up with better times to fly out of Paris in the afternoon. It looks like some flights leave out of ORLY which appears to be a much less chaotic airport but more choices with CDG. We are staying at Hotel Muguet in the 7th ARR.

Still exploring airline tickets and trying to decide if it's too early to book for August 2022 at this point.

I really appreciate everyone's replies and input - very good advice and tips for timing arrival to the airport and transportation options!