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21 Day BOE - Packing Questions

I am taking the packing light seriously. I have two questions for those that have done this tour before.

I am not bringing a lot of hair product. No curling irons, etc. The only thing I will need is a blow dryer. Are these usually available in the hotel rooms. Is this something I need to adjust and make room for? (And yes I do need it.)

I really do not want to bring unnecessary voltage converter/ plug adapter. What is the minimum that is needed?

Thank You

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I have done this tour and I believe I had a hair dryer in every hotel room on the tour. I traveled in 2014 so some of the hotels will be different BUT I can't recall staying in ANY hotel in Europe on my 11 Rick Steves tours and 12 Road Scholar tours that did not have a hair dryer. Now...the hair dryers I encountered in Italy were not as powerful as those you'd get in the US but my hair is short so it didn't matter.

You can always pick up a hair dryer there. They are readily available at any of the pharmacies or bigger grocery-type stores.

Are you thinking you will need a voltage converter to charge your phone or other electronics? They are dual voltage so all you'll need is the plug adapters. The Voltage converters are just not a travel essential any more for me.

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I bring an adapter like this: Multiple USB Wall Charger, [22W/4.4A] LENCENT 4 Port USB Travel Power Adapter, All in One Worldwide Cell Phone Charger With UK US EU European Australia, International Block Cube Plug for iPhone & IPad

It works for everything I might need to charge via usb: phone, go pro, tablet, etc. Make sure it comes with a plug that works in all the countries your visiting. Most phones & tablets are dual voltage so you don’t need a voltage converter. Many curling irons/straighteners are too.

I’ve stayed in many hotels and apartments in Europe and there’s always been a hairdryer. I don’t know that I’ve ever used any of them because I don’t usually blow dry my hair. Worst case scenario - you buy one there and leave it at your last hotel.

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I bring a hairdryer to tame my unruly locks. It is nonnegotiable. I find that while the hotels have hairdryers most of those are pretty useless/ weak.