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2026 Tour Schedule - Planning Very Early

Is there a particular time of year when the tour schedules get released? We are considering the 21 Day Best of Europe tour for a 30th anniversary trip coming up in 2026. Just want to make sure I get in early as I notice these tours appear to get full very quickly.

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2025 tours are coming out this spring, so it would be about a year from then. You can sign up for notifications on the RS website.

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Generally some tours start to trickle out in the spring for the next year. By June or so the bulk of them have been rolled out. So start checking around April or May 2025. An early happy anniversary and enjoy the tour. They’re great.

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Brian, what an awesome pick for an anniversary tour! I've done this one and it is fabulous. I recommend going to Amsterdam a few days ahead and then staying in Paris for as long as you can after the tour. I'll say that unfortunately this tour fueled my need to travel Europe and now I can't quit!

In 2014 as a present to myself after providing care for both parents, I did the 21 day tour, followed by the Best of Paris and then since I was retired I added on the Village Italy tour, hahaha. The 21 day tour plus the Best of Paris was an awesome combo but not everyone has that amount of time...but any amount of time you have is good.

Over the next 2 years, I recommend you all looking at ways you can travel light and practice! If your wife wants some help on capsule wardrobes for travel, has a wealth of information. She'll have time over 2 years to develop a really nice capsule of clothes that can be hand washed and will dry overnight. I love the suggestions on that site that are capsule wardrobe colors based on a painting!

I also recommend light luggage and compression packing cubes. This tour moves pretty fast with a transit every other day so it's important to stay organized and packing cubes help with that. I have the compression packing cubes from Eagle Creek but if I were starting out I'd go with these because the National Park theme is so cute!! This is a tinyurl to the Amazon website.

OK...have just given you ideas for Christmas presents for the next 2 years, hahaha! Let us know when you are ready to do big planning!

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Okay, why wait until 2026, if you can go in 2025? Life happens and sometimes circumstances change beyond our control. I am a strong advocate for doing these types of trips sooner than later because you never know what the future may hold. I learned the hard way when my husband unexpectedly passed away suddenly. It is great to plan for the future, but don’t forget to take advantage of the now.

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We did the RS 21 Day BOE last year August 20th to September 9th 2023 and I booked the day it was available which was June 20th of 2022. It’s an awesome trip but ya need to be in shape a bit. Enjoy

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Pam and Carol I couldn’t agree more with both of you! My husband and I took the GAS tour as our first Rick Steve Tour and we were hooked!!! We then booked Village Italy the following year and absolutely loved it. Then a dark shadow came over us all called COVID. Once we were able to travel again we did Best of Ireland, Best of Sicily and Best of South Italy. We thought maybe we had reached the end of the over the pond loooooong flights and touring with Rick Steve Tours last year. We told family and friends it was time to give it up (we aren’t Spring Chickens) and I even went as far as to take all my RS travel clothes out of the closet and stash in a bin to put in a garage sale come Spring. But………I just can’t give up going on the Rick Steve Tours. Booked Best of Europe 21 Days for September 29-October 19. Made airline reservations, hotel reservations for the days before/after tour and pulled my RS travel clothes out of the bin. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who said OK we can go again. My niece lost her husband at age 34, my neighbor just lost her husband at age 70 and my dear friend can’t travel with her husband due to his struggles with Alzheimer’s. Life doesn’t always wait until we are ready. Our biggest regret with Rick Steve Tours is that we didn’t start taking them earlier in life.

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I believe that 2024 tours all rolled out on May 16, 2023, give or take a day.

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I agree with what Carol now Retired said. And she didn't even mention what Covid did to everyone's travel plans or the possibility of war in additional areas of Europe(deja vu 1930's and 40's) Carpe Diem! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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Thank you very much to everyone for all the replies and outstanding information and input. I do wish that we could make this trip happen in 2024 or 2025 but unfortunately, we do have to wait until 2026. We will just have to keep praying that the world is in a favorable condition and our health hasn't taken a downward turn by then.

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Hello Brian! I am glad that you are considering the Best of Europe in 21 days. My husband and I took that tour last year for our 30th anniversary. It was our first Rick Steves tour, and it was FANTASTIC!!

I know 2026 is a way off, but if you want some inspiration, please check out our digital scrapbook.

Adventures of the Empty Nesters - Best of Europe in 21 Days

We were thrilled that our scrapbook won first place in the contest, so we are now planning for our second RS tour.