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2024 europe tours and dates

When will 2024 rick steves schedule be released

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Well pre C19 they used to show up in July and telling now, but the office would likely know or someone from RS may see this and comment.

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I have seen them posted as early as May and then periodically through the summer.

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I received a reply from an email that I sent his tour company on 05-06, stating it would be about two weeks. That makes it around 5-20-23!! If you are getting emails from his company it will be in an email. I check his website every other day or so just to be sure. I do not want to miss out!

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On his Monday Night Travel show, May 8, it was announced that 2024 tours will be rolled out this week, May 15-19!

I will be checking everyday. Can’t wait.

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Great to hear!

Did he mention anything about the Covid policies for '24 tours?

They are LIVE! They came up right after my husband and I returned from the evening showing of THE WAY - with special commentary from Rick, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. How apropos! I've just booked three tours for spring and fall 2024 and I'm rarin' to go.