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2020 Alumni meeting?

Sorry if this is already covered. Using the search box, I only found references to past sessions in Edmonds WA.

I am assuming it will be in January. Has a date been set for the 2020 event?

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I attended the Reunion this past January. They told us at that time, the 2020 dates will be the weekend of January 24 -25, 2020.
It is lots of fun! Have you been before?

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As soon as your reply came in, I called up my calendar and the dates had already been entered. Strange. But thanks!

No, I have not attended this gathering before. An excellent reason to visit the Seattle area, get out of Boise, and see some friends along the way.

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Are you going to fly or drive? I've tried to get over from N. Idaho several times and was successful twice but other times Snoqualmie Pass was a miserable mess and I needed to cancel at the last minute. Go ahead and make your hotel reservations. The Best Western Edmonds is usually booked out with the RS guides.

The date was probably in your RS trip eval email so your calendar picked it up from there?

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How does one register for the reunion, as I don't see anything about it anywhere on the web site? Thanks

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bogiesan, I go every year for all the reasons you list. Even though I have experienced the odd snowstorm in the Seattle area in January, it's not like Colorado's January snows! It's always a good time and a whole lot of fun and besides spending time with my friends who live in the area, I enjoy the classes, presentations, reuniting with past tour participants and catching up with guides I have been lucky enough to have for my past tours. The date you have is the one I have, the weekend of January 24 -25, 2020. You will be able to register for the parties and classes through the Rick Steves website so be on the watch for notifications. The event may be called "Test Drive a Tour Guide" as it was last year., and you can register online. Have fun!