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14 Day BOE tour-Sept 28th-Oct.11--Who else is going?

I know it's a little early, but I'm getting very excited about my first trip to Europe. I am going to Amsterdam on my own for 3 nights, then staying in Paris one night at an Airbnb place close to the hotel where our tour starts the next day. I will be taking the train from Amsterdam and arriving the afternoon of Sept 27th. I am going solo and am very much looking forward to meeting my group. Is there anyone else going on this Sept.28th tour? Any suggestions or tips for what to see and do in Amsterdam? Thanks so much.

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Hi Linda - not on your tour but going on the 21BOE later this fall. We are staying for a week in Amsterdam prior to the tour and these are the possible sites I have planned for us to see with prices at the time I researched them:
Verzets (Jewish Resistance Museum) 10e
Hermitage Amsterdam 15e
Grachtenhuis 12e
Cromhoutheizer 8e
Kattenkabinet 6e (cash only)
Van Gogh Museum 17e
Stedeliik Museum 15 e (add 5e for audio tour)
Museum Van Loon 9e
Willet-Holthuysen 8,5e (add 2e audio tour)
Our lord in the Attic 9e (free audio tour)
Hollandse Manege (Royal Riding School) 7,5e
1/2 day trip to Zaanse Schans

We are each buying a Museum card for about 60e which gets us into all of these places for no extra charge or standing in lines to buy tickets except for Kattenkabinet and Hollandse Manege. Take a look at these places online to see if they interest you. Hope this helps -


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Thank You, Nance, I will take a look and yes, very helpful advise. Do you go online to get the museum card? Have a wonderful time! ....Linda

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Not on your tour, but have a wonderful time! I did the 21 day BOE last fall as a solo and had a fabulous time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

In Amsterdam, I really enjoyed the Dutch Resistance Museum. If you want to do the Anne Frank house, get your tickets ahead of time. I did the Dutch Resistance Museum the day before I did the Anne Frank house and felt it was an advantage to do it that way. You can take your time at the Dutch Resistance Museum whereas the Anne Frank house is crowded and you have to move thru without taking as much time as you might need. I thought the Rijksmuseum was wonderful and would have done the Van Gogh museum but ran out of time. Shop at one of the grocery stores near your hotel in Amsterdam for some food for your train trip!

Where is your tour hotel in Paris? You know you can drop off your suitcase at the tour hotel in the AM so you can be out and about for the day.

And's NOT to early to get excited! I'm leaving Sept 5 and I've had my stuff staged to go in the suitcase for weeks now, lol. Heck, I'm still excited over my 21 day tour from last year!

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Hi Linda,

I'm on the Sept. 28-Oct. 11 BOE tour, also traveling solo, first trip to Europe! I depart from NJ and arrive at CDG/Paris mid-day on the 27th. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your experience in Amsterdam! So much to do between now and then! On another note...Thanks to Pam and so many others who have shared such great advice and encouragement to those of us preparing for our first Rick Steves tour. Much appreciated!


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I am so pleased to hear from you.. thank you ! Yes, so much to do and look forward to. Interesting that we are first timers and solo!
I'm getting "butterflies" but also , so looking forward to meeting our group and all that this tour offers. I will be meeting friends from Portland that just so happen to be in Paris at the same time. We will have a short visit in the afternoon on the 27th or morning on the 28th, but otherwise no other plans, yet. And yes, another thankful shout out to Pam and everyone who offers so much encouragement and help for us newbies. See you soon, Deb !


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Gosh, thank you so much for the shout outs! I loved my BOE and yes, am still FB friends with about 10-12 of my tour mates. You will see such a variety of things. I find traveling with RS very easy as a solo. I wind up doing more with the tour than I might on my own and there is no time wasting because it's all organized for you. I've loved my tour guides...they are so knowledgeable and interesting. The bus drivers are excellent as well and will join in with the group so that is fun.

You might have seen my trip report, but if not here's what I did after my BOE last Fall. There are some similarities with the 14 vs 21 day itineraries but the travel stuff works no matter what tour you are on.

I am happy to answer any questions you have! Have you all done a trial pack yet? If you are going to sink wash (my preferred method but not for everyone) have you done any trial washes to see how quickly things dry? Have your 3-1-1 stuff ready? Yes, I'm leaving Sept 5 and I've got stuff spread out all over the place, lol!!

It's terrific that you all are meeting up now! Fun!