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13 Day RES tour Scotland

Hello all
Can anyone who’s been on the RES Scotland 13 day tour give me insight into accommodations. We won’t know until 6/30 and honestly the suspense is killing me. I’m interested in Cairngorms National Park. Also I’ve heard bugs can be bad in Scotland this time of year. Should I bring bug spray.

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The bugs to be concerned about are midges, small, extremely annoying and itch-producing flying creatures who come out in clouds late afternoon/early evening. Get a good mosquito spray to help, wear a long-sleeved shirt or top and long pants and use the spray on them them not on your skin. That’s what has usually helped me.

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Sporting good/outdoorsy stores sell a product called Smidge for those critters. Smidge also has a website with a midge forecast for all of Scotland. Stores sell face nets but the Smidge spray is probably better unless they’re a five on the forecast.

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We are on the 13 day tour beginning 1 Aug. the list is now on our site but wasn’t supposed to on until 2July