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11 Day Paris & Heart of France Tour

I am going on the 11 Day Paris & Hear of France tour. For anyone who has gone on this tour, what did you do in your free time in France. No need to advise about Paris as I have been to Paris, but not to the rest of the places in France the tour is going to. Would love to get ideas to be prepared as to what options there are to see and do in the free time of the tour. Thanks so much.
Going in September if that makes any difference.

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Ann, I thought I would bump this to the top as I'm also interested in what advice you get.

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We are doing the same thing! Going in September too.

We have decided to spend one night in Paris and leave towards the Riviera area spending time somewhere in wine country for 3 or so days. Although we don't know where. We will finish and fly out of Barcelona.

What have you come up with?

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I took that tour last year. It is a pretty busy tour. One of my backup activities - and not everyone's cup of tea - is to look for the traces of the Way of St. James in different locales. On this tour, I was successful in Paris, Amboise, and Mt. St. Michel. Of course, I did the research ahead of time, but I tracked down the markers during the tour. Check to see the phase of the moon when on Mt. St. Michel. Lots of walking/climbing there, for sure.

Had an enjoyable dinner in Bayeux during the medieval festival at L'Assiette Normande near the cathedral. The restaurants near the hotel, even the one recommended by the guide, were touristy. It was difficult to order anything other than the tourist menu. L'Assiette was full of french folk in medieval garb and modern. Cathedral is one of my favorites. On same street back to main road is also a pottery store where the owner makes everything she sells.

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In Amboise, we visited the chateau there (right in town) and the home of Leonardo DaVinci. In Bourges, the cathedral was more impressive than Notre Dame. In Bayeux, we lingered in the Tapestry museum. Frankly, a lot of the free time was spent in just relaxing, eating and enjoying the atmosphere. Its a pretty full itinerary.

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I went on this tour last Oct and loved it! I arrived 3 days ahead and explored Paris and focused on things that were not on the tour. This was my main free time.
This is a pretty packed itinerary so there is not a lot of free time except for time on the bus. Our guide arranged for us to visit Leonardo's home in Amboise which was one of the highlights of the trip. He also arranged a picnic and wine tasting for us at a chateau. And several other impromptu activities. This is such a great trip! You will love it!
Judy B

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Thank you all for your responses! Much appreciated. I am very much looking forward to the tour! Best, Ann

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We drank. A lot. ;-)

There was always something to do at each stop if you wanted to after the full days of site seeing. It might have been just walking around like we did in Mont Saint Michel. We caught outdoor concerts in a couple places. The on-our-own dinners usually took a significant amount of time when we tried the various restaurants suggested. Never really was looking for a lot extra to do.

This was one of my most favorite tours so far.