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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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pickpocket question
Libby 54
Gold Crown Resorts
lindajuly3 3
What if?
lindanjim 71
What HomeAway/VRBO Doesn't Tell You About Not Refunding Your Money
Lindy 34
Word to the Wise: Manuel Antonio National Park Scam
Lindy 2
Almost fell for a scam on booking site ..... be smarter than me.
Lisuza 33
Reasons locals don't use moneybelts
LIZinPA 🧳 67
Portugal: "legal" (buyer beware) scams?
lktraveler1 18
Don't book your flight with these guys!
Lola 11
Fascinating article on Airbnb properties ( also VRBO, etc.) in London
Lola 15
steal all your money from your credit cards- when you put your card into the machine
lonney finigan 14
How do men keep their phones safe?
Lulu348 54
Italian traffic violation you get in the mail....very alarming
luufercharles 20
Tickets canceled with Get your guide
magnums56 4
Random Passport Checks: Real or Fake Police?
marc 43
Is having a Whistle on my keychain overkill?
Mark 31
Begpacking - when tourists compete begging with the poorest people
MarkK 41
Security Pocket Underwear/Tanks
martha546 7
Outraged honeymooners stuck with $570 bill for ‘a quick snack’
Mary 10
WP Article Regarding Common Scams
Maryam 5
Lisbon restaurant scam
MC 18
Tourist Scams that migsht not be
MC-Glasgow 14
Priority Pass membership
mcguinness.anita 12
Snap Travel
M. E. 4
Paris new scam alert- spilling beggar
meganlinda 8
Are fur coats acceptable in Europe?
mekszrhands 30
Barcelona- scam after scam
melisa.branovsky 25
Luggage 'stolen' at Gare de Lyon, Paris
mherr2 4
Never ending claims of traffic violations with no proof
michael 17
"a fanny pack for your rack"
Michael... 11
Is a fraud or scam and is directly connected to it?
Mike 16
When asked for a pin with a credit card purchase
mikernben 19
Is a legit booking agent?
mikeywaz 5
VELIB Is A Rip Off!
millerr1775 17
Euro for Pound scam
mschonekas 17
Vacation Rental By Owner scam
MTS--1000 13
ATM to avoid in Florence
mwchadwick1 8
Taxi Scams Rome (Fiumicino) International Airport
m.wcrawford47 8
Another Paris scam - "Bird Poop"
nanvan 8
Paris taxi scam
nbraymond79 12
Roosport running wallet
Nicole 2
For fashionable people who don't use money belts...
Nicole P 30
New measures for crime prevention at termini
Nicole P 5
speeding tickets in Italy
novak000 16
Taxi drivers
Okieandy 1
Tricky Italian car rental company
onder.uretmen 7
Hotel security for valubles including iPad
Palmland Mike 23
The "ring scam" and "petition girls" in Paris.
pat 34
Pickpocket safety?
Pat 25
Pick pocketed, by an old scam
paulawilsonpsl 20