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To the West


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What is the White Liquid Sold Around the Château-d'Eau Metro Station?
Crash 2
What is the website for train travel to and within France?
Scott M. 6
What is the scenery like from Switzerland to Austria
Jeanette 13
What is the quickest way from Malaga to Tarifa
Debbie 0
What is the most efficient way to tour the Rhine River castles?
michelle 26
What is the largest euro bill in Paris I should carry and get change back?
Jean-Paul 14
What is the German name for this train ticket?
Frank 4
What is the cheapest way to go roundtrip from Paris to Nice?
Cecily 3
What is the cheapest way to get from Germany to Spain?
Patty 7
What is the best way to see Toledo?
Amara 18
What is the best way to get to Neuschwanstein Castle?
Justice 4
What is the best way to get from CDG to Gare de l'Est
Jason 5
What is the best way to do this day trip from Nice
Liz 9
What is the best town in the Northern Swiss Alps?
What is the best route around Liore Valley
alice 1
What is the best day to visit Versailles ?
Shelley 7
What is the best and safest way to get around Paris?
Skip 18
what is rick steves favorite hotel in amsterdam
sam 3
What is open during Holy Week in spain
Donna 2
What is light weight?
Terry 13
What is it about European women...
Stacy 150
what is an idea to do before dinner?
Conor 8
What is a good time to be at Eiffel Tower on Bastille day?
urs 1
What is a good Food/Attraction/Transport/Hotel budget for a family of 3 for a month in...
Roda 2
What is a good Food/Attraction/Transport budget for a month around France ?
Roda 3
What is a "double" room?
Danielle 3
What is a 'shared private bathroom'
Noreen 4
What, in your opinion, is the best River Seine cruise?
Gemma 1
What important tips would you give to others?
Kathleen 7
What if it is Raining in Lauterbrunnen?
John 6
What if is Raining in Chamonix?
John 6
What hotels to stay in Amsterdam
Gayle 12
What gifts should I bring to German family members
Linda 7
What food can I bring to Germany?
Shawna 7
What European Traditions Does Your Family Have for the Holidays?
Ms. Jo 23
What EU pass for Paris->Nise->Monte Carlo->Cannes->Paris
ron 1
What else in Loire Valley?
Susan and Monte 9
What do you think of this Paris itinerary?
Jennifer 22
What do you think of Marseille?
Stew 2
What do you think of Dinan? Is it worth going for a day and a night?
Stew 9
What do you think: are Parisians rude?
Kent 109
What do you think about this Itenerary?
Cynthia 3
What do you know about the Hostal Splendid in Madrid, Spain
Phyllis 1
What do people think of Ghent?
Stew 5
What do non beer-drinkers drink in Belgium?
Bill 3
What do I see during the winter in Switzerland?
Rohit 4
What do do in 3 days in the French Riviera
Thais 4
What district to stay in Amsterdam?
David 3
What did you like the best......Scandinavia or Germany/Austria/Czech
Jerry 4
What could be my 7 days travel plan to Europe?
Shakhawat 2