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To the West


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How much time to get there? & itinerary questions answered here
Webmaster 1
FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Webmaster 0
What is it about European women...
Stacy 150
How rude are the French?
Nicole 121
What do you think: are Parisians rude?
Kent 109
are the french rude to americans?
Rachel 105
anyone in France now with information/comments about the stikes?
Lisa 97
Is the first arrondissenment safe at night and to travel to and from?
Margie 75
Language in Latin Quarter, Paris?
n/a 79
Andrea 71
Pickpockets in Paris?
Veronica 68
Yummy German Food
Ms. Jo 64
Please advise on trip to Southern Germany
Dave 58
9th Armored Division - 19th Battalion - Company B
Maryanne 68
non-tour types considering RS tour
Kara 68
Newbie traveller needing LOTS of help & info!!
Judy 68
Heidelberg - Rick doesn't like?
Neil 60
Paris and Parisains
Tom 59
traveling from cdg to Dordogne
Nancy 61
Chip and Pin credit cards
david 60
attitude of French toward travelers from the USA
Ron 58
letting 15 year old out and about by self in paris.
beth 52
please, please, Please! NASCAR hats
Mike 53
Is it possible to fall in love with a city?
Stacy 53
ania 37
Odd (?) occurance in French cafe?
Stewart 50
Germany Summer 2013 Travel Suggestions
Larry 42
Germany off the beaten path
John 39
17 Day Germany Itinerary
Tim 46
a paris re-do&#59; what would you change?
Tracy 51
Hawaii Questions
elle 51
Anyone Just returned From Europe
Tony 51
What's was the biggest let down about Paris?
Jill 50
If you knew then what you know now about Paris
Ken 50
Luggage - Wheels or no wheels
Lisa 50
Germany & Austria on our own
Wally 48
Dressing like the French
shawn 45
Sound of Music - What's Up?
Gary 49
Why not Germany?
Shoni 44
Going to Paris with a man who doesn't get it!
Jennifer 45
Remembrance Concert in Dresden
Will 44
How long for Bruges?
Roy 46
22 years of age - off to Europe for experience of lifetime... WHERE 2 GO??
Ed 39
Paris theft attempt?
Christina 45
Favorite French Foods
Ms. Jo 43
How do you make peace with the exchange rate?
Sarah 45
Why did Rick snub Hamburg in his book?
Amy 44
Driving in France
Laura 42
Tipping in Paris?
Veronica 44