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Zweisimmen raclette

Any recommendations for raclette in the Zweisimmen area? A friend highly recommended a (dairy?) farmhouse raclette place above Zweisimmen but didn't have any details. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I haven't been to that location, but I've eaten raclette at several other locations in Switzerland... and to be honest, it's just melted cheese on boiled potatos, plus or minus a little paprika powder, gherkins, pearl onions and mabye cured ham. Kind of hard to mess up or make it stand out much above the crowd. If raclette is what you're looking for, just find a restaurant that serves it and dive in. Even though it's one of those quintessential Swiss Alpine meals, not every restaurant serves it.

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When staying at Valais hotels for a week on half board, raclette is what is served on kitchen-staff night off. The hotel office staff serve it, and even the hotel manager can't screw it up. A fancier restaurant will have an electrical heating device at your table and you can drip the melted cheese on your potatoes from a big wheel of gruyere.

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The cheese is actually named Raclette; if they use Gruyère it isn't authentic. It is a peasant dish popular in winter at ski areas, but lots os hotels in other areas ( small towns and mountain villages) will have a " Raceltte evening" once a week. Saves them lots of money over serving meat or fish that night. I'll,see if I can dig up the name of the farm near Wilderswil that serves it. Maybe the TI in Interlaken or Grindelwald would know? I don't know if Wilderswil even has a TI.

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Most any restaurant in Switzerland will have it on the menu in winter since it (and fondue) are very popular apres ski dishes. If you don't see it on the menu just ask - they can probably make it for you. As for this specific dairy you're looking for, there is undoubtedly a TI in Zweisimmen - just ask there. While raclette is very good (I love it) its never consumed in summer and you'll be labeled a tourist immediately. Also try not to drink cold water or beer with it - its an old wives tale (and very true) that you'll get a stomach ache if you do. Instead drink white wine or tea. Enjoy!

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Originally the raclette cheese comes from the Bagnes valley in Valais/Wallis (Verbier region). I honestly do not remember seeing a raclette sort of place in the Zweisimmen area.