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Zurich Restaruant & Recommendations

Hi, After our stay in the Bernese Oberland, we will be in Zurich for a day prior to flying on to Greece. I was planning to try and explore the city a bit and am looking for any recommendations. I was planning to do a self guided tour of the Bahbhhofstrasse, and the old town areas. Is there anything to see at the University (Einstein related)? I'm also considering the zoo (we have two children (7 & 9), yes/no? I was looking for a restaurant for dinner and wanted something less touristy and maybe outside of city. I found a few that look interesting including Chäsalp, Tobelhof, Adlisberg. These are all within walking distance of the zoo, if we were to visit there. Has anyone had any experience with any of these restaurants? Thanks, Ricardo Chäsalp

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