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Zurich/Luzern - Switzerland hotel for 2 nights - is it good?

So I heard today that Zurich surpassed Tokyo as the most expensive city in the world. Our family of 4 is traveling to London June 12-18, Paris June 18-24, and then we fly back home on June 26, so that means 2 nights in Zurich/Lucern. I found this Hotel VILLA MARIA that seems nice, and they cana accommodate all 4 of us in a quad - has anyone stayed here that can attest to this place? Here is the URL:;label=lucerne-uH%2APONesYJZjcJ_RAgJcuAS8394489381&#59;sid=0363eebeb83cb4e1e8f209995359d987&#59;dcid=1&#59;checkin=2012-06-24&#59;checkout=2012-06-26&#59;srfid=ca304f031c5f7afabeb1c2bbf899d323X10 Many thanks in advance!

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There are several reviews on TripAdvisor for this hotel: It seems to be a generally OK place and rated #39 of 64 Lucerne Hotels. It's located by the lake a bit outside of the old town. Personally I would much rather be located in the old town if possible. But maybe you prefer the lake location. You might check on this place as it is rated significantly higher (#17 of 64 Lucerne Hotels) and still very affordable:

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Did you try VRBO? Most likely your best value in the city.

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I tried VRBO, and even the most widely used apartment rental site in Europe (, which by the way I am using for London and Paris.... but for Zurich, very little luck. I think I might go with the Novotel Zurich. It's only two nights any ways, and this city is more expensive than London and Paris, which is a lot to say! Thanks so much