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Zurich hotel for family of 5

Hello, We will be flying out of Zurich ending our 3-week trip to Europe this May. We will be staying in the Berner Oberland until May 27 and then flying out of Zurich on May 28. We need a place to stay in Zurich (preferably close to the airport as our flight leaves very early). Any recommendations? I've been reading on this board that Zurich is expensive, so I'm a little apprehensive for our family of 5. Any ideas? We've booked apartments and one hostel for our entire trip, but I think for the last night, it will be easier to stay in a hotel. Many thanks!

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Hi Becky, You will probably get some recommendations for "airport hotels" with shuttles to the airport. Most of these are business-type hotels which have no rooms that would accommodate a family of five. so make sure that whoever is making the suggestion has experience with a family, not a couple. I just ran a quick check on for rooms for five, assuming one child under 12. Mostly it came up with a double plus a triple, at a cost of over $450. There was one with a room for five at Wellenburg. And then it switched to city hotel and freed the same suggestion I was going to make before Imeven checked the website. Stay in the city, near the train station, at Hotel Bristol. We have stayed there as a family of four in a large, bright, modrern room. MIT is an 8-minute kwalk to the train station. Mthe trains run frequently and take 12 minutes to reach the airport. The station is IN the terminal. For the hypothetical family I entered, with an 11-year old and 4 adults ( which includes kids 13 and up), the quad room with extra bed was quoted at $317. ( if none of your children is under 13 it would be more). also suggested the City Hostel, but it is a longer walk to and from the station. HotelmWalhall, which is acros from the station and very reasonably priced, has no large rooms that I can find, and offered the double plus triple combo at a significantly higher price than Bristol. We like Zurich and always spend our arrival night in the city. Depending on the time of our departing flight, we may stay there on the way home as well. If I think of potters I will post again, but I strongly suggest you have a look at Hotel Briatol.