Zurich hotel

We will be overnighting in Zurich before flying out to London. Can anyone suggest a hotel within walking distance of the Train station. I realize Switzerland is expensive, but would like to keep it around $150/night. Thanks....Gary

Posted by Pam
Northville, Mi, Usa
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Believe it or not, the Marriott was close, fit your price range and was a nice, typical Marriott. However, not a memorable, European hotel stay if that is what you are seeking.

Posted by Gary
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Thanks everyone, for the advice. Will let you know how I make out....Gary

Posted by georgia
santa rosa, california, usa
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another vote for Pension St. Joseph. you can walk from station to hotel.don't take outside stairs from one street to the St.Joseph street with luggage, there is a ramp a little further up to pull luggage.
we stayed on the 4th floor- a room with shared bath- very clean, always available, and many windows that looked out onto street with trams going by. I liked the hotel very much.
toward the lake, go to the Globus department store. in the basement is the best deli you'll ever find. also, you must try the Springerli chocolate 'truffle du jour'.best in the world. they have a shop in the downstairs shopping place at the train station and on the Bahnhofstrasse

Posted by Gary
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Again, thanks to all for the responses. Our plans have changed and we are now going direct to Zurich airport from Bern. I must say though that the St. Josef sounded to be just what we were looking for.