Hi, I posted a question a few days back, but I'm hoping to get a few more responses to help me make a decision. We are traveling as a family of 5 flying into Paris and out of Zurich in May. This made a lot of sense when I was booking the flights. I should have checked prices for accommodations before! I've checked into the Bristol Hotel (looks greatbut they only have a room for 4 max). Because our youngest is 9, would this work? Can you even do that in a European hotel (5 people in a 4-person room)? I've checked into Ibis as we've stayed there before in Brussels, but they have a strict 2-person per room policy, which also wouldn't work, because which child would we leave in a room by themselves (and then pay $450 to $500 for a night)? Every other part of our trip has come together beautifully. But what to do about Zurich. I read and read that Switzerland is expensive, but we booked an apartment right outside of Interlaken for only $199/night inclusive, so I didn't think it was so bad. Until now. Help! Thanks!

Posted by Lola
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Hi Becky -- I responded to your messages, but want to answer here too. The quad rooms at Bristol are not actually limited to 4 persons. The standard quads should take an extra child, and the superior quads will sleep up to six, according to the website. But you must reserve according to the number you actually have, including all children. You can email the mfor rates and reservations if the online booking form doesn't allow for extra people in ht equal room. Yes, Switzerland is expensive, and I understand your dismay. We happily traveled there many times when the Swiss franc was 80 cents. Now that it is $1.10, we think twice about including Switzerland in our plans. But the Zurich airportis so easy and convenient, it still makes a good start or end to a trip.

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Thank you, Lola! What a help you've been! Hopefully this post will help others in the same situation. What a relief. I will happily make a reservation and our trip is now fully planned! Thanks for taking the stress out of the last puzzle piece! Cheers,