Zurich dinner

I will have a group of 24 girls/adults on a Sunday evening in June near the train station in Zurich. Any recommendations for a dinner location that is not too expensive for our final meal before we head home? Approximate price?

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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http://www.trymarket.ch/zeughauskeller/index.htm I've taken two student groups as well as my family and friends on several different occasions to this restaurant. It's very informal, fun, good local food, reasonable prices, nice wait staff and best of all...they accomodate groups.

Posted by Brian
Los Angeles, California
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The Hotel St Gotthard a few blocks from the station is highly recommended. I have eaten there and enjoyed it. may be a little more expensive than you planned, but is a great "final meal" Also see the answer to the nearby posting for "raclette in Zurich"

Posted by Amy
Zurich, Switzerland
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I second Zeughauskellar. It is very reasonably priced for Switzerland and the atmosphere is good. Just walk down the bahnhofstrasse to paradeplatz. Also check out Sprungli while you are in the train station or Paradeplatz. Their truffes de jour and luxembourgli are perfect for dessert.