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Zurich and Salzberg

Hi ! How many night is decent to stay in Zurich and Salzberg? overnight is fine or should we stay 2 nights of each on our way to Venice? Thanks JANEDERM

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"Zurich is not in the Swiss Alps, and a rather quiet city." Huh? It's the largest city and metropolitan area in Switzerland, as well as the financial, transport and manufacturing hub of the country. Anything but a "quiet city".

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Janederm, "Zurich is not in the Swiss Alps, and a rather quiet city." I have to agree with Tom in that Zürich is a large city with a population of 375,000+ so it's not "quiet" IMO. I was there in late September and while everything is very well organized with true Swiss efficiency, it's also very busy. I'd recommend at least two nights in each place if your time will allow, and perhaps longer if you're planning to take any day trips from each city. Salzburg provides some good choice for day trips, including Berchtesgaden and Hallstatt (both historic locations and of course Salzburg also has Mozart and Sound of Music history). Happy travels!

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It's Salzburg (with a 'u'), not Salzberg. Could help to spell it correctly when trying to get accommodations and train schedules. As for how much time, do your own research. Find what there is to see, and decide if you want to see it and how much of it. I agree, Zürich is not a very good stopover on the way between Salzburg and Venice. Most direct way is via Innsbruck, Austria, to the Alto Adige (Brennero, Bolzano, Trento) in Italy, no Switzerland. I spent a day in Salzburg and felt it was enough time. On the other hand, I have visited Berchtesgaden three times for five days total. I spent a morning in Zürich and felt it was not enough time.

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Sorry, Janederm. You didn't say where you were coming from on the way to Venice. If you'll look on Mapquest, you'll see: Salzburg is 90 miles east of Munich. Zurich is 200 mi. SW of Munich. Venice is 338 miles south of Munich. Visiting both Zurich and Salzburg are out of the way if going to Venice. Zurich is not in the Swiss Alps, and a rather quiet city. Salzburg is a tourist destination and more interesting.

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One full busy day you could see Salzburg. The lakes district is so beautiful I wouldn't miss it. Take two days and use one for a daytrip.

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Hi! We will coming from Paris ... Going to Venice, Florence and Rome. Last destination will be Rome on our way back to the Philippines. Is Zurich and Innsbruck a good side trip on our way to Venice? Thanks for asking... Janederm