We are flying to Zurich and though of spending around 5-6 hours before taking train to Lucerne ( 2 days) and then to Interlaken (2 days). Most of the opinions are to skip it. Any better suggestion to best utilize these 5-6 hours? Thanks

Posted by Dennis
Redmond, WA
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Zurich is a lovely city. We spend 4 or 5 days there every summer, and last Christmas as well. But we have a daughter who lives in Zurich with her husband, and we see things a quick visitor may not. The tram from the airport takes about 20-25 minutes. You can walk down the river to the wasserkirche and grossminster, then over the bridge, up Bahnhofstrasse, and up to the lindenplatz. Then over the Bahnhof bridge and back to the tram. A lovely time! Beats seeing the airport.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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We face the same dilemma, but....have stayed in Zurich twice before. Once we had a long layover and went into town and looked around and went walking by lake; very blah and uneventful. Second time we did a trolley tour and boat/ferry ride on Lake, OK, but we were so jet lagged I plan to NOT do it this time. Instead, we will head to Lucerne, get settled, walk around, etc. Lucerne has much more to offer in my opinion. Rick Steves guidebook goes into detail about things to do in Lucerne.