Zugspitze or Karwendel cable car

Which would you recommend for a day trip from Munich in mid-November: 1. Mittenwald and the Karwendel cable car or
2. Garmisch Partenkirchen and the cog rail/cable car up the Zugspitze? I realize the weather this time of year is not ideal, and in fact may preclude us from going up either mountain if it means we won't be able to take in the view. But, assuming the weather cooperates, which do you think has better views, or are they pretty comparable? Even if the weather is bad, we will most likely still go to either Mittenwald or GP and just tour the town itself. Do you have a favorite? Thanks!

Posted by Paul
NYC area
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Hi Dawn, Having been to the top of both, the Zugspitze has much better views than the Karwendel. The Karwendel is about half the cost if that matters. Also, I'm not sure here, but the Karwendel may be closed in November, as most of Mittenwald will be. While we LOVE Mittenwald, it will be pretty dead at this time of year. We last visted in late November 2010 and it was DEAD. Garmisch may be your better option. Paul

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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Thanks Paul! I can read and read about these things, but nothing beats first hand knowledge of someone who has done both. I really appreciate your insight. Garmish and Zugspitze it is!